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“It’s important that people feel understood, valued and appreciated.

Inspirus: Bring Joy to Work, One Experience at a Time

Win the Hearts of Your Employees and Fulfill the Promise of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a company’s most powerful lever for driving results, building a best place to work and contributing to a better world. At Inspirus, we help businesses cultivate a culture of community engagement and recognition by offering the tools to make employees feel valued, connected and empowered — one experience at a time.

The Inspirus employee engagement platform draws employees into purpose-built employment experiences and gives organizational leaders continuous measures and a full portfolio of solutions that drive employee engagement and business impact.

Inspirus' suite of unparalleled employee engagement programs combines an integrated reward engine, learning, communication tools and analytics to power modern talent applications spanning recognition, wellness, safety, milestone awards, community involvement and global rewards. As a leader in the recognition industry for more than 100 years, we know that our Engagement Platform has the ability to:

  • Help leaders design and implement meaningful programs
  • Align employee recognition and behaviors to business goals
  • Consolidate and simplify program administration
  • Gain insight from analytics to make real-time adjustments and changes
  • Create ROI you can measure in practical ways
  • Create and sustain a great culture and a best place to work
  • Offer millions of gift choices from a wide variety of categories
  • Take your rewards and recognition programs global

One of the Best Companies: An Engaging Community of Employees

As the leader in workforce recognition programs, we are thrilled that our people have voted us one of the “Best Companies to Work for in Texas” since 2006. Nothing could be a stronger affirmation of our desire to live by the golden rule. We empower our people to be their best and celebrate their success. When our employees are happy, they make your employees happy. Happy employees equals happy clients.

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