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Building a Culture of Recognition Just Got Easier with the i365 Points Platform

In the office or on the go, Inspirus takes the “work” out of workforce recognition with our simple yet sophisticated i365 Points Platform. You can focus on other aspects of your business, while our recognition experts administer a highly effective program tailored to your needs. 

i365 empowers you to move the many levers of employee engagement in a way that will measurably drive business results and build a best place to work.

With i365, you enjoy a flexible and scalable points-based system that leverages all of our signature programs — milestone, spot, incentive, peer-to-peer, wellness and more — to drive employee engagement. The i365 Points Platform grows and scales with you. As part of the Inspirus Recognition Platform, it delivers the perfect solution for driving key behaviors and aligning performance with company goals — regardless of where you may be on the recognition map.


Executive leadership will appreciate the seamless way the i365 platform helps you build a culture of recognition and increases employee engagment. Our on-demand reporting and analytics keep everybody up-to-date on progress toward key metrics. And, most important, your employees will love i365’s millions of rewards, from popular merchandise to gift cards.

Redeeming reward points is a fun and hassle-free online shopping experience that generates excitement and enthusiasm. Plus, i365 works on any smart device to extend the reach of your recognition programs. With engaging social media-like features, participants are excited to share accomplishments and milestones with friends, family and co-workers via i365.

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Our team will design, build and implement a customized i365 platform that will transform your business and your bottom line. Our award-winning customer service advocates are ready to help. There’s a reason we’ve been honored as a Top Recognition Provider since 2006 by HRO Today.

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