“It is a privilege to retire from a company that not only has recognized me throughout my career, but continues to appreciate me in this next stage of my life.”

Service and Retirement Awards

Celebrate Loyalty and Service While Increasing Employee Engagement

Retirement and service awards recognize the great work employees are doing while boosting their engagment with your company.

Done right, service and retirement awards send powerful messages to the recipients, their co-workers and the company. These awards say, “This organization respects dedication and commitment. We value you and your work.” Service and retirement awards contribute to greater engagement, improved employee retention and better performance.

The Inspirus Recognition Platform empowers companies to celebrate their people with personalized service and retirement award programs. We make it easy to deliver recognition experiences that evoke genuine emotion and inspire employees to even greater achievement in the future.

From modern presentation materials to our global rewards offering and outstanding customer service, Inspirus delivers the industry’s most personalized recognition experience to engage and inspire employees. We admit we’re fanatical when it comes to personalization. That’s only because we’ve seen how it resonates with employees — making them feel special and truly appreciated.

  • With our groundbreaking technology and culture of service, your employees will be treated to personalized years-of-service certificates and emails that provide easy online access to rewards and merchandise brochures.
  • To enhance the recognition experience even more, employees can receive a personalized memento with their service award gift.
  • Handcrafted commemorative pieces ensure that they remember the special way they were honored for years to come.
  • We offer millions of gift choices from a wide variety of categories and the ability to take your rewards and recognition programs global.



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