3 Ways Companies Can Get Ready for Generation Z

Growth opportunities, diversity and inclusion, and health and well-being

Is your organization prepared for the next generation of job candidates? In 2017, Generation Z started entering the professional workforce. By 2025, they will represent nearly 1 in 3 workers worldwide.

What can your organization do to get ahead of the talent curve?

As organizations look to integrate Gen Z with their existing mix of baby boomer, Gen X, and millennial employees, they need to understand this new generation’s workplace preferences.

But how?

In this article, we explore three ways your organization can get ready for Generation Z:

  • Identify Growth Opportunities
  • Emphasize Diversity and Inclusion
  • Take a Holistic Approach to Health and Well-being

Read our article “3 Ways Companies Can Get Ready for Generation Z” to see what your organization can do to build the next-generation workforce.


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