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74 Ways to Engage Employees!

Looking for more ways to keep productivity up, turnover down, and your organization moving forward?

Find inspiration in these 74 tips for nurturing employee engagement. In this eBooklet, you'll find dozens of ideas to inspire your team, including:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Health & Wellness
  • Mentorship
  • Communication

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Looking for ways to keep productivity up, turnover down, and your organization moving forward? Here are 74 tips to help keep your employees engaged!

1. Give Employees More Responsibility (and Trust)

This is about showing your employees that they’re an integral part of your organization’s success. By handing them greater responsibility, you let them know that you are confident in them and that you trust them. In return, they will become more engaged.

2. Focus on Their Strengths

Employees are bound to be more engaged if they’re allowed to do what they love. Find out what their strengths are, what they are passionate about, and try to tailor their responsibilities to them.

3. Change Things Up

Monotony kills culture — allow for a change of pace once in a while. This can mean something like casual Fridays, or it can mean going outside for a fresh air meeting one afternoon.

4. Use an Employee Recognition Platform

The modern mind has adapted to using social media as a main source of news, information, and communication. Bring that social aspect to employee engagement thorough an employee recognition platform. You can simplify communication between co-workers, easily recognize employee accomplishments, and it will provide hard engagement data you can use to improve their employee journey.

5. Give Tokens of Appreciation

Simple gestures and employee appreciation gifts — big or small — can help you create a culture of recognition. These gifts confirm to your employees that you value their hard work. And when employees feel special and respected, they will work even harder to remain loyal to your company.

6. Take Time for Fun

Life at your organization doesn’t have to be all work all the time — and in fact, it shouldn’t be. Engage your employees by giving them the opportunity to let loose and enjoy themselves. This can mean company happy hours, day trips, parties, and more. Anything to lighten the mood!

7. Leave Early: Summer Fridays!

Allow your employees to enjoy the summer season by letting them out a little early on Fridays between June and August. It’s a relatively small sacrifice that can offer a tremendous amount of reward for your organization and your employees.

8. Acknowledge Their Contributions

Everybody likes to be acknowledged for their hard work and dedication — your workforce is no exception. Use any opportunity you can to let them know their hard work matters.

9. Help Them Find Their Niche

There’s no need to pigeonhole an employee into one position, even if that’s what they were hired for. Open up opportunities that allow for lateral movement, especially if it means a happier employee.

10. Guide Work-Life Balance

Striking a healthy and even balance between life at work and life at home is more important to today’s workforce than ever before. Make it a known priority and then do what you can to help employees find the balance they seek.

11. Institute a Wellness Program

Investing in employee wellness initiatives won’t just make employees physically, mentally and financially healthier; it will make them happier, too! Studies show, employees who are happier are much more engaged and productive at work.

12. Hold Team-Building Activities

Toss the schedule out the window one day and allow for employees to get to know one another using team-building exercises. This can be great for allowing your workforce to identify one another’s strengths and weaknesses and can help them determine how to best work together.

13. Bring in Motivational Speakers

If you’re feeling that morale is low, bring in an expert to rally the team. There are a ton of powerful motivational speakers out there with inspirational stories that can help light a fire beneath your workforce that was not previously there.

14. Keep Them “In the Know”

Sharing inside information shows employees your vision and lets them know they’re a part of the team. Tell them about company plans and show them how they are impacted. Employees who feel well-informed will be more positive at work and more likely to stay with the company.

15. Do Charitable Work

The spirit of giving can have a powerful effect on company culture. Make it a point to host a charity event and give back to the community as often as possible.


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