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Wendi Walker-Schmidt is Inspirus’ Director of Engagement Solutions-Learning where she manages day-to-day training activities for client organizations, and cultivates strategic learning and development programs. With over twenty years of experience, Wendi knows the ins and outs of the learning and development cycle including design, delivery and evaluation. When Wendi isn’t conceptualizing creative learning and execution solutions, she can often be found spending time with her family and rooting for her Alma Mater’s football team, the TCU Horned Frogs.
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Take Care of Your People and Results Will Come

Posted by Wendi Walker-Schmidt

I have spent the last 20 years of my career in the human resources, learning and OD world. In that time I have heard and had many discussions around the question, “What is the employee experience?” Some define it as what an employee receives during their interaction with their career’s elements, while others define it as employee emotions with the technological and physical environment they experience. Additional definitions cite the employee experience as perceptions about the interactions with their organization.

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Topics: employee experience, employee retention, leadership

Game Changer: Why the Role of a Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Is Evolving

Posted by Wendi Walker-Schmidt

CLO-Learning-Blog.pngIf you're not growing, you’re going! Organizations are starting to understand that learning is at the heart of talent management as a business strategy. As a result, the traditional role of a Chief Learning Officer is shifting. Change is inevitable, but change is good!

There has been a significant shift in what organizations need for talent management. The customary Chief Human Resources Officer is taking on more than just tasks that include culture and incentives, and as a result, the role of a CLO is beginning to morph. Next-generation leaders must be equipped with updated skills that may not have been required in the past.

According to Forbes Coaches Council, modern leaders exhibit essential leadership skills such as culture management, collaboration and co-creative leadership. This is very apparent in the shift of the CHRO and CLO roles. Here’s why:

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