Inspirus Delivers Recognition on the Fly

We live life on the go. We eat in our cars. We watch movies on our phones. We “talk” to our friends and family via posts on Facebook and Twitter. We answer work texts and emails well into the night between tucking in the kids and watching the latest episode of “Downton Abbey.” If something can’t be done in the blink of an eye or with a few keystrokes, we lose interest—fast. Even things that we really don’t mean to let slip through the cracks often do simply because of life’s hectic pace.


Sometimes the omissions and oversights can slide. Other times they make us look bad. Not taking the time to send birthday greetings to a co-worker, or forgetting to congratulate a colleague on his 20th service anniversary with the company are just poor form. And many times, they are missed opportunities that can have a negative effect on your company’s corporate culture, employee morale, loyalty, productivity and engagement. Failing to thank someone on your team for pulling an all-nighter is certainly going to dampen their enthusiasm the next time you have an urgent client request.

Don’t worry. Inspirus has taken all of this into consideration and come up with a smart solution—Inspirus i365 mobile. Now you can show your team members a little love in a heartbeat—right from your smartphone or tablet.

“More and more, companies are beginning to understand how important employee recognition programs are to the success and well-being of their corporate culture and bottom line,” says Tim Hough, Vice President of Solutions. “Now the power of recognition is always at your fingertips. With i365 mobile, it only takes a few keystrokes to recognize someone in a personal and meaningful way.”

A robust mobile platform allows you to quickly leverage a suite of Inspirus recognition programs (peer-to-peer, spot, best-of-best, incentive and wellness) that make it easy to engage employees, reinforce desired behaviors and deliver measurable results that boost performance and your bottom line—completely on the fly.

For example, say the account services rep just completed her first year on the job, or your boss is celebrating 30 years with the company. Now you can dash off a congratulatory note with any device while you’re waiting for lunch at your favorite deli or waiting to board a plane to Fiji.

Maybe your customer service team worked over the weekend to meet an insane deadline, or your facilities manager just found a brilliant way to cut energy consumption by 25%. You can thank your star performers right on the spot.

How do you reward a sales rep who just landed a seven-figure account? How do you motivate your manufacturing team to exceed their quarterly production goals? It’s easy to inspire great performance with coveted incentive rewards that employees appreciate and want.

Don’t forget the people who have your back and make your life a little easier every day. You know who they are—the co-worker who covered for you while you were on vacation, or the marketing team’s ace graphic designer who always makes your proposals look flawless. With a few simple keystrokes, your peers will know you how much you appreciate their kindness.

And when Tom racks up 60 days without a cigarette, or 73 of your finest complete the company’s 30-day lunchtime walk challenge, a thoughtful e-card sent from your phone or laptop will offer the extra bit of encouragement they need to stay strong during wellness challenges.

Along with helping you be amazingly responsive and thoughtful, Inspirus i365 mobile keeps you organized. Not only can you send, view and share recognition from any device, you can also review your recognition history and tasks. Recipients will love i365 mobile, too, because they can redeem reward points for coveted merchandise and gift cards right from their phone or smart device.

Life in the fast lane will still be fast, but now it won’t speed by the people who deserve to be noticed. Thanks to Inspirus i365 mobile, building a culture of recognition has never been faster, more convenient—or more fun.

Melissa Gatchel-North is a national Emmy-nominated and award-winning writer who has profiled some of the nation’s most interesting businesses and their maverick founders—including FUBU, Hard Candy Cosmetics, Human Genome Sciences and many others.

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