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How to Be More Productive in the Office: Take a Vacation

Posted by Theresa Harkins

It may seem counterintuitive for today’s pressurized employees, but one of the best ways to be happier and more productive in the office is to escape from it. Vacation, with all the benefits it brings staff and employers alike, is finally being recognized as a valuable asset for any company. Whether it’s a week on the beach in Mexico, hiking in the Alps or a trip to Las Vegas, research shows that getting away from it all is good for business.

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Sodexo’s Global Workplace Trends Report Offers Thought Leadership From Leading Voices

Posted by Mia Mends

In This Post, We Focus on Two of Our Top Priorities: Learning and Wellness

With the recent release of Sodexo's 2017 Global Workplace Trends Report comes a compendium of rich content from one of the world’s largest employers along with global news sources and nearly 50 subject matter experts from renowned academic institutions, associations, consultancies, foundations, NGOs, research groups, think tanks and more.

Sodexo explored 10 workplace trends in this year’s extensive report: organizational and employee agility; collaborative workspaces; the impact of societal issues such as migration and cultural integration; the new generation of robotics; the evolution of learning at work; the overlap of personal and corporate brands; design thinking principles in the workplace; sustainable development goals; the potential of millennial talent; and the workplace as a wellness destination.

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Can Employee Wellness Programs Cure What Ails Us?

Posted by Charlla Feller-Davis

For years we’ve been hearing the same beleaguered declaration: The cost of healthcare is going up. It’s an understatement that doesn’t come close to reflecting the magnitude of how much costs are climbing. Experts report costs have increased 274 times since 1950. No other sector of U.S. goods or services has experienced such an unbridled uptick. Today, healthcare costs are growing at a much faster rate than inflation, the economy and wages.

In a world of hard choices, medical costs are a source of stress and worry for nearly everyone. It has left government officials, insurance providers, corporate executives, small-business leaders, consumers and the medical community scrambling to find solutions. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a magic bullet to cure what ails us, and employers have been left to shoulder enormous responsibility—and financial costs.

Trying to provide employees with the health insurance benefits they have come to expect and rely upon while complying with all the requirements of the Affordable Care Act is no simple feat. With combined healthcare spending totaling $2.5 trillion—a little more than 17% of our nation’s gross domestic product—it’s not surprising that many companies have implemented employee wellness programs in an effort to contain costs.

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