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How to Be More Productive in the Office: Take a Vacation

Posted by Theresa Harkins

It may seem counterintuitive for today’s pressurized employees, but one of the best ways to be happier and more productive in the office is to escape from it. Vacation, with all the benefits it brings staff and employers alike, is finally being recognized as a valuable asset for any company. Whether it’s a week on the beach in Mexico, hiking in the Alps or a trip to Las Vegas, research shows that getting away from it all is good for business.

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Are Employers Really Ready For Work-Life Integration?

Posted by Charlla Feller-Davis

For decades, we’ve heard a lot about work-life balance. Employers eager to retain valuable talent were schooled about the many reasons why employees didn’t want to engage in daily rounds of “last soldier standing” to prove their commitment or value. Companies implemented a range of ideas—everything from flex schedules and lunchtime yoga to job sharing and bring your dog to work—in an effort to help employees de-stress and reclaim valuable time for themselves and their families. While these ideas are great, the benchmark has evolved.

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