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Recognition in the moment is what really makes my day.”
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Meeting Unique Business Challenges

A Better Business Starts With Fulfilled and Engaged People

People are the core of every business. When they aren‘t engaged, organizations can’t possibly perform to their potential. We created our comprehensive platform to meet the biggest workforce challenges, whether it’s engaging the entire workforce, retaining the best talent, increasing overall performance or meeting your own set of workplace goals. 

Our platform starts with the employee experience at the center of everything we do, but we also pay attention to business needs by aligning our programs to a company’s unique needs.

Engagement Success Stories

We believe results speak for themselves. We are actively helping to create memorable employee experiences for over 380 organizations across the globe. Just a few of the many engagement success stories include companies such as Southwest Airlines and White Castle.

Southwest Airlines came to us for help because although they had a culture that was all about gratitude, there was no single place where recognition activity was housed, and there wasn’t a common currency to recognize employees. They wanted a recognition program that was impactful and consistent, with the ability to track spending and access to real-time reporting.

To help solve for their pain points, Inspirus customized a platform specific to SWA’s needs that centralized recognition and incentive programs into one tool. SWAG, or Southwest Airlines Gratitude, now allows employees to send and receive recognition, and earn points that they can turn into rewards such as gift cards, merchandise items, tickets to events and more.

Since launching the SWAG brand and recognition platform, results include:

  • More than 95% of SWA employees are opted-in to participate in SWAG
  • The number of programs in the tool has increased from 15 to 37 in four years
  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer recognition have increased
  • Dashboards are provided to departmental leaders internally to monitor participation, holding leaders accountable for promoting a culture of recognition
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