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“I believe we need to create an employee experience that’s comprehensive, inclusive and unique to our organization.”
Create meaningful experiences for your employees.

Creating the Ideal Employee Experience

An Employee-focused Approach to Employee Engagement

In its simplest form, employees are the foundation of culture, which is shaped and evolved through everyday workplace experiences. As the Benefits and Rewards Services entity in the U.S. for Sodexo, our mission and business purpose is focused on the employee experience.

For us, that starts with creating a platform that’s built around people and their experiences in the workplace.

The Employee Experience Wheel

At the center of the platform is the employee experience. It’s the combination of all of these factors that are essential to the development of strong, high-performing organizations.

One of the most powerful drivers of engagement, recognition surrounds the employee experience with unique programs based on an organization’s culture.

Employees learn where and when they want with our learning solution that combines micro-learning with a game-based approach to retention.

Continuous and intentional communication is a key aspect of making sure every employee understands their value and their impact on an organization.

Employees can have an intuitive shopping experience with customized awards that are unique to every organization, and global fulfillment strengthens the experience companies give each employee.

Attract candidates that fit your organization’s values and needs. Help them understand what it means to be an employee at the organization.

Get new hires up to speed quickly on all of the areas that can positively impact their employee experience with the organization.

Allowing employees to continually learn and challenge themselves is an important part of development and growth, while enhancing the employee experience.

Employees have an array of options to formally or informally recognize the day-to-day efforts that make an organization thrive.

Employees have visibility into company activities and managers can recognize people for participating in service projects and community events.

Encourage a safer workplace and lower injury rates by fostering desired behaviors through recognition and micro-learning which makes learning fun and memorable.

A nutrition-based wellness solution that pairs technology and services to deliver a people-first approach to managing employee health and well-being.

Motivate key contributors beyond compensation with an experience that is meaningful and specific to each employee.

Acknowledge important service anniversaries, retirement and life events with personalized awards that convey your appreciation.

The individual elements are foundational pieces that work together to engage people, increase performance and drive business results — creating an ideal employee experience for everyone.

An Inclusive Platform

We start from the premise that people should feel included, valued, heard and connected, regardless of who they are, where they come from, their race, beliefs or gender. If organizations focus on listening to employees and using that input to create a positive workplace culture, they will deliver on the promise of employee fulfillment and business success.

It Starts With People

When employees feel valued, when there is authenticity in the idea that they are the foundation of culture, they enjoy coming to work, they invest in building meaningful workplace relationships, they connect to the company’s mission, and internalize the company’s objectives. Putting employees first and creating meaningful experiences for them ultimately drives performance and corporate culture.

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