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Recognition Solutions

Build team culture and increase employee engagement with the right tools.

Creating a company culture where your employees feel valued and connected doesn’t happen by accident. It takes thoughtful, intentional design and the right tools to nurture success.

Our employee recognition solutions empower organizations with the technology and expertise needed to transform the employee experience into something truly exceptional.


Connect and Celebrate Meaningfully

Inspirus Connects is a technology platform that inspires a sense of belonging and purpose. The digital experience brings employees together, creating a sense of community and encouraging a culture of gratitude.

With Inspirus Connects:
  • Recognize the moments that matter
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Reward employees for their contributions
  • Build team culture through social interactions
  • Share company news and events
  • Encourage training and career development
  • Instill company mission and values
Never underestimate the powerful effect of milestone recognition. After all, the need to feel appreciated and to belong top Maslow’s hierarchy
of human needs.
Terri Moore - SVP of Senior Vice President
of People and Culture, Inspirus

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