Getting to the Heart of Effective
Recognition with Meaningful Symbols


We understand that meaningful symbols should show our craftsmanship.

What may seem like a small gesture (a lapel pin, ring or medallion) is, in fact, a tangible reminder of appreciation, accomplishment and belonging. That’s why Inspirus designs and crafts beautiful branded pieces right here in our manufacturing facility to help you commemorate:

  • Group_803Special
  • Group_806Years of
  • Group_812Important
  • Group_817Significant

“We want every branded piece we manufacture to be perfect so that it will be cherished.

Pat Velasquez
Production Manager
26 years of service

Manufactured to Perfection

Since 1948, we’ve been handcrafting custom recognition pieces to meet our clients’ unique needs and specifications. Today, our talented master jewelers craft symbolic pieces constructed of quality metals and semiprecious and precious stones. Before leaving our facility, each piece must pass a rigorous final inspection to ensure that the recognition symbol is flawless and adheres to the highest standards. Let our master artisans craft the perfect expression of your appreciation to commemorate your organization’s important milestones and special events.

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