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Inspirus to Reveal New Employee Engagement Platform

New Technology Expected to Disrupt Perceptions About Employee Engagement

FORT WORTH, Texas (Oct. 16, 2015) Inspirus, an HR technology company focused on employee engagement, is excited to unveil this weekend its new comprehensive employee engagement platform. The technology is designed to bring together a full spectrum of initiatives typically siloed in disparate solutions across the organization.

Inspirus’ new platform combines employee recognition, global rewards, learning, well-being, safety, surveys and assessments, and community involvement. Those attending the HR Technology® Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas, Oct. 18 to 21, will get the first look at this disruptive new platform.

Inspirus will demonstrate the new platform through a mobile application at booth 2635.  Come see how Inspirus brings joy to work, one experience at a time.

“We’re thrilled to share this new approach to employee engagement. It takes a comprehensive view of what drives employees to learn and contribute, as well as have fun in the workplace,” said Scott Shibley, Inspirus executive vice president of sales and marketing.

Inspirus recently announced the addition of learning to its offerings that affect employee engagement outcomes. Already a leader in rewards and recognition, Inspirus is committed to inspiring people to drive business success.

The key benefits of this new employee engagement platform include:

• Helping leaders design and implement meaningful programs: Initiatives that make a difference for employees and employers

• Aligning employee recognition and behaviors to business goals: Affect change across a number of areas in ways that engage each individual

• Efficient and cost-effective administration: Consolidates and simplifies managing multiple programs

• Insightful analytics to make adjustments and changes: Always have a pulse on programs and give leaders a dashboard to see program effectiveness

• ROI you can measure in practical ways: Analytics that help you get the complete picture and maintain  strides in engagement

• Sustaining a great culture and creating a best place to work: All of these should support creating an environment where every employee feels valued and is doing their best

“We believe this is the future of HR technology — solutions that inspire people to become more engaged, stay at their jobs longer, and feel truly vested in the success of their organizations,” said Tim Hough, Inspirus senior vice president of solutions.

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