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Recognizing Your Employees

The Employee Experience Begins with Recognizing Those Who Contribute to Your Success

Recognition is one of the most powerful drivers of engagement, and that’s why we include many different types of recognition in our platform.

The Inspirus Employee Engagement Platform makes recognition an everyday event by making it part of an employee’s day. Our mobile app makes it easy to give and receive recognition across the entire organization.


Milestones and Service Anniversaries: These are special times to reflect on an employee’s achievements. We create a unique, multimedia experience with custom recognition and awards.

Day-to-day Recognition: Peers and managers have the opportunity to recognize hard work and dedication to company values as well as life events such as a promotion or welcoming a new employee to the team. This type of recognition helps build a community and encourage social interaction that can be missing from other programs.



Rewarding Success

As part of The Inspirus Employee Engagement Platform, employees have the opportunity to use the Universal Rewards Mall™. It’s an intuitive shopping and checkout experience that can include anything from custom rewards, travel experiences, lifestyle products, charitable gifts, a full assortment of gift cards and much more.

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