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Evidence-based Reporting and Analytics

Organizational Performance Should Never be a Mystery

Comprehensive reporting and workforce analytics are critical in helping organizations engage their workforce, provide oversight and adapt quickly in today’s competitive landscape.

Inspirus Insights provides a full range of reporting and analytics that delivers targeted insights to groups of managers and executives on program performance. This solution makes the process of sharing workforce insights efficient, repeatable and valuable by identifying where improvements are needed in an organization, and why and when to celebrate successes.

Essential tools of Inspirus Insights:

  • Role-based data experiences: Turnkey and customizable dashboards that give users the workforce information they need through facts, figures and words geared to their role in the company. Not only does Inspirus bring users top-level insights and facts, but also names and numbers that roll up into those insights.
  • Collaborative data rooms: Users can create personalized views and annotation, and share them with others.

Inspirus Insights is an integral component of our employee engagement platform.

Screenshot of Inspirus Insights dashboard.

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