Help Employees Combat the Effects of Burnout

Keep Your Team Energized While Working From Home

Working from home can have its perks. However, as more workers are working remotely, many may be realizing that the perks also come with a few challenges, such as feeling like you never leave the office, lapses in communication with coworkers, loneliness and burnout. Burnout is an issue that is widely recognized in the modern workplace. It can have a profound impact on remote workers, especially those who are still acclimating to being away from their peers and leaders. For example, a 2019 survey found that 82 percent of remote tech workers felt a sense of burnout, as they felt they had to contribute more (40 percent) and work longer hours (52 percent).

However, there are a few proactive steps that can help minimize the risk of burnout when working from remotely. Learn three ways to help employees avoid burnout.

Exhausted employee sitting at desk

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