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Tiffany & Co

Since 2013, Inspirus has proudly partnered with Tiffany & Co. for Tiffany Distinctions.
Life Dojo

Inspirus, a leader in the employee engagement and recognition industry, has entered into a strategic partnership with LifeDojo Inc., a pioneer in person-driven behavior change. This partnership provides Inspirus with solutions and expertise to power Inspirus Well-being – our evidence-based solution designed to improve quality of life and enhance the employee experience.

Catalano Group Logo

Dr. Jim Catalano and The Catalano Group provide Inspirus customers with high-impact, results-focused executive coaching and organization-development services. Focusing on leadership and organization effectiveness at all levels, The Catalano Group helps companies maximize people performance to achieve strategic business objectives. With more than 20 years of consulting and executive experience, Dr. Catalano combines the art and the science of consulting with companies of any size to attain their unique competitive advantage.

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