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The Inspirus Employee Engagement Platform

Enhancing and Sustaining the Employee Experience

Employees are the focal point of a company and the foundation of culture. Companies need an engagement platform that reaches across the breadth of everyday workplace experiences — enriching and engaging employees on a regular basis. While many companies offer solutions that fulfill different parts of the whole employee experience, Inspirus offers the most comprehensive platform. The Inspirus Employee Engagement Platform brings solutions together thoughtfully in a way that impacts three distinct — but important — areas for organizations everywhere.

The employee experience

The employee experience is where we start because people make up the culture and fabric of an organization. That means creating an experience that’s comprehensive, consistent and inclusive of everyone. We know that when organizations get the experience right, employees feel fulfilled and valued.

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Meeting business needs

A company’s business needs are important to the health and sustainability of our engagement platform. We know that when our comprehensive solutions meet the goals of the business, we’re able to create long-lasting, productive programs for global organizations.

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Our platform

Our flexible solution combines what we know about creating great employee experiences and meeting business needs into a cohesive, expansive platform. We took nine fundamental components of engagement and combined it into a single, engaging solution that support meaningful employee experiences.

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Discover the power of a single platform

Not all employees need or want the same thing. It’s why we created a platform that gives organizations the flexibility to configure the right engagement programs for their people.

By combining once disparate tools and practices into a cohesive solution, our platform is one of the most comprehensive global employee engagement technologies in the market.

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