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6 Ways to WOW Your Workforce

January 23, 2019

Surprise your coworkers with a little something special!

Who couldn’t use a little R-E-C-O-G-N-I-T-I-O-N? You may know them as, your right arm, or the go-to-person, maybe even the resident rock star. Why not celebrate them and all they do. The following ideas would work well to express appreciation to any coworker.

1. Make It Personal

No matter what item, gift or memento you decide to give, be sure it’s delivered in person with a handwritten note detailing what you are thankful for about that person. Being told you are appreciated is wonderful, having some specifics about what makes you so special steps it up a notch and is just one more way to be sure the moment will have a positive and lasting impression.

2. PDA: Public Displays of Appreciation

Encourage participation from all individuals who benefit from this person’s daily activities. Often times, those who work diligently to keep things going may feel isolated and under appreciated. Assisting the staff or executives as they jet-set off to meetings, conferences and events seems much more glamorous when their travel details are being handled by the one person who never gets to go anywhere. Why not bring a little something back or send a package from your destination, just for them.

3. Give A Hooky – PTO

Haven’t we all had that morning when we wake up with an eye problem? You know the one, you just can’t see yourself at work? Why not give your coworker one free day of personal time off, no questions asked. It can be verbal or make it fun by using a poker chip or get-out-of-jail-free card.

4. Hit The Road

A getaway for two is always a welcome gift even to a local hotel or resort. A one or two night stay may mean more than you could ever know. Being able to share their gift with a loved one is a fabulous feeling, creating memories that last much longer than the stay itself.

5. The Most Important Meal of the Day – Coffee

Start their day off right by providing a spread of bagels, donuts, or breakfast tacos and of course—don’t forget the coffee! Having an informal breakfast in the company break room encourages interaction and camaraderie. Want to make it extra special? Insist that your honored guests have first dibs on the breakfast goodies.

6. The Making of a Memorable Moment

Distribute blank note cards to your employees and encourage them to write a “nomination” or a kind note of appreciation about the object of your appreciation. Make it personal by providing the venue to read the cards aloud to the recipient. Personal thank you notes help to heighten the experience and create a feeling of celebration throughout the organization. Present the handwritten notes as a keepsake, tie them with a bow and couple them with a thoughtful gift card to a favorite local restaurant or coffee shop.

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