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Inspirus Resources

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Employee Engagement Trends and Forecasts for 2023

Using the collective expertise of Inspirus thought leaders, this report dives into what we see trending in 2023.

Formalizing recognition program strengthens employee engagement and retention rates

Learn how a company with 620 hybrid employees increased retention by 10% by creating 1 centralized recognition program platform with Inspirus Connects.

Increase in Connects Spotlight frequency reignites energy and recognition activity on platform

Learn how an oil and gas logistics company reinvigorated its employee recognition program using Connects Spotlights as a communications tool.

Guide to New Hire Onboarding: Employee Engagement Starts on Day One

New hire onboarding sets the tone for the entire employee experience. Here's how you can set new hires up for success.

9 Transformational Insights Exclusively for the C-Suite

Organizations need to create workplace environments where employees can thrive by building a strong corporate culture and a meaningful employee experience

Inspirus' 130-Year Anniversary

Inspirus started as Haltom's in 1893, amidst a world of great thinkers, innovators and pioneers. Today, we continue that legacy, focusing on modernizing the employee experience by making moments memorable.

2023 Acumatica Summit Opening Keynote with Tatiana Frierson

Inspirus CEO, Tatiana Frierson, discusses the transformation of Inspirus' financial system with Acumatica's CRO, Sanket Akerka, at the 2023 Acumatica Summit opening keynote.

30 Employee Appreciation Ideas

Check out this infographic that shows 30 fun and different ways you can appreciate your employees for their hard work and contributions to your organization.

Top Priorities for HR Leaders in 2023

Top Priorities for HR Leaders in 2023: Reducing Turnover, Enhancing Flexibility & Strengthening Technology

Trends: The Great Resignation

The face of the workplace is changing. Terms like "The Great Resignation" are plaguing headlines. Learn more.

Inspirus Partners with The Happiness Index

Inspirus and The Happiness Index have partnered to offer organizations in North America a unified technology platform that delivers a pioneering combination of employee recognition, engagement, and happiness.

Best Practices in Action from Rewards and Recognition Practitioners

Theresa Harkins-Schulz moderates a panel discussion on best practices in rewards and recognition with two practitioners in the space.

The Journey from Manual Service Anniversary Program to Social Employee Engagement Experience

Learn how a company with 550 mostly remote employees launched an employee engagement program incorporating a social experience and peer-to-peer recognition using the Inspirus Connects platform.

Inspirus Overview

Establish a meaningful employee experience for every employee. Inspirus a leading employee engagement solutions provider. Learn more about how Inspirus can help you create a wow experience for your employees.

Inspirus Connects

Empower employees to create connections that build community and make the most of every experience with Inspirus' technology-enabled platform, Connects.

Employee Engagement: An essential strategy for business success

Why Employee Engagement?  Read more about your company can create a powerful team of engaged employees and how you can turn disengaged employees into engaged ones with Inspirus® Connects.

Wellness Engagement Strategies to Support Employees During and Post Covid

Inspirus Senior Vice President of Customer Experience & Product, Theresa Harkins-Schulz and Senior Vice President of People and Culture, Terri Moore, share strategies around wellness engagement during and post-Covid.

Evolving Role of HR in the Workplace

Theresa Harkins-Schulz discusses the importance of having human resources representation at the executive table to help form and deliver business strategy.

Detailed Policy Documents Helped Define Recognition Strategy

Learn how documentation helped an insurance, banking and investment service provider create an overall recognition strategy and structure for current initiatives, and a future roadmap.

6 Top Priorities for HR Leaders in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many businesses to transition to remote work in order to continue forward. With that transition came a number of new problems for HR leaders that have required some innovative thinking to solve.

Encouraging Workplace and Driver Safety

Company safety incentive programs are critical to the health and safety of your organization and its employees.

Employee Recognition Programs: A Spend That Will Save You Money

Employers often analyze the ROI of recognition programs in the workplace. But what happens when we calculate the cost of not having one?

Motivate Your Sales Team

What’s the best way to show your star sales performers how much they mean to your organization? Many companies have some form of sales recognition program, but which ones are the most effective and why?

Retention vs. Turnover

We compare the costs of replacing an employee vs. rewarding and retaining an employee.

HRO Today Educational Podcast Series - Recognizing Recognition Drives Culture and Engagement

Listen as HRO Today CEO Elliot Clark and Theresa Harkins-Schulz, Senior Vice President of Inspirus, discuss best practices your HR department can implement to foster engagement amidst the current environment.

Program Unification Drives Employee Experience and Engagement

Learn more about how Inspirus created a unified global engagement platform.

Inspirus Celebrates

Celebrate your people! Create memorable, lasting experiences for your employees’ career milestones with Inspirus Celebrates Employee Recognition Packages.

Best Practices for Recognizing Retirement

A strong retirement recognition program shows all employees that your organization values its people.

How to Build a Culture of Recognition Across Your Organization

With the right approach, recognition can flourish throughout your organization.

What's the Difference Between Employee Engagement and Employee Experience?

Learn more about how employee engagement and employee experience work together to positively affect your employees.

Make Your Tax Cash Bonus Last for Years

Investing in your organization’s employee engagement efforts can be a ROI that keeps on giving.

Measuring Performance in Multiple Divisions of White Castle Yields Consistency

Learn more about how Inspirus’ program incorporated White Castle’s employee performance goals.

Incentive Plan Improves Meeting Rates and Sales Close Ratio for Telecommunications Company

Learn more about how Inspirus’ reward program helped a telecom client achieve growth goals.

This Major U.S. Airline Centralized Program Management Improves Participation and Accountability

Learn more about how Inspirus’ platform consolidated this major U.S. airline's recognition and incentive programs into one space.

A National Pawnshop's Scalable Platform Provides Visibility and Improves Performance

Learn more about how Inspirus’ platform integrated sales reports to motivate and unify the workforce at a national pawnshop chain.

This Major Airline's Employee Engagement Activities Supported their Business Strategy

Learn how Inspirus’ platform supported a multitude of recognition and rewards programs across this major airline's organization.