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HRO Today Educational Podcast Series - Recognizing Recognition Drives Culture and Engagement

Listen as HRO Today CEO Elliot Clark and Theresa Harkins-Schulz, Senior Vice President of Inspirus, discuss best practices your HR department can implement to foster engagement amidst the current environment.

Program unification drives experience and engagement

Learn more about how Inspirus created a unified global engagement platform.

Building Stronger Teams with Culturally-focused Recognition

Connect global teams across your organization with culturally-focused recognition that resonates with your employees.

How a Changing Workforce is Shaping the Employee Experience

Learn about what factors are shaping the modern employee experience.

How Are You Defining Success for Your Engagement Program?

Build an aligned employee engagement strategy and program by defining the goals and outcomes you want to achieve.

4 Ways to Engage Your Employees Through Feedback

Engage and motivate your employees by actively seeking their feedback on your organization’s recognition programs.

Find Your Organization’s Influencers and Turn Them Into Recognition Program Promotors

Office influencers can be a great asset in promoting your organization's recognition program.

Generation Z Wants In-person Interaction and Recognition

The youngest generation in the workforce is known for being tech savvy, but they also crave in-person connection, too.

3 Ways to Avoid Burnout When Working From Home

Take a proactive approach in helping your remote team avoid burnout.

How to Help Employees Benefit from Work Life Blend

Learn more about the concept of work life blend and how it can fit into your employees’ lives.

4 Ways to Support Your Frontline Employees

Become a source of reassurance and acknowledgement when frontline employees need it most.

Inspirus Celebrates

Show your employees that they are valued and create a sense of belonging, connection and loyalty.

What Tools Are You Using In Your Recognition Strategy?

There are so many ways to acknowledge your employees in a way that is meaningful for them.

Create a Meaningful Employee Experience for Older Employees

While some may be preparing for retirement, there are many older workers seeking worthwhile ways to use their skill set.

How to Get (and Keep) Buy-in for a Recognition Strategy and Program

Align your program’s strategy with larger business objectives to secure buy-in.

Why Retirement Recognition Matters More Than Ever

A formalized retirement recognition strategy isn’t just a nice touchpoint, it’s essential.

5 Employee Recognition, Engagement, and Experience Trends to Act on Now

How employees experience the modern workplace is changing. Learn how your organization can leverage these trends.

3 Ways to Take Your Recognition Program to the Next Level

Make your organization’s recognition program stand out and become even more effective in driving employee engagement.

Best Practices for Recognizing Retirement

A strong retirement recognition program shows all employees that your organization values its people.

3 Ways to Make Your Remote Employees Feel Included

Ensure your remote employees feel connected to their colleagues and involved within the larger organization.

How to Build a Culture of Recognition Across Your Organization

With the right approach, recognition can flourish throughout your organization.

How Recognition Boosts Employee Retention

Recognition efforts can make employees throughout your organization feel valued.

Why Individualized Recognition Matters

Create a recognition experience that resonates with each one of your employees through individualized recognition.

Peer-to-peer Recognition Programs Drive ROI

Discover how recognition can build deeper connections among your team.

Introverts and Extroverts: Best Practices in Recognition

Develop effective ways to tailor recognition to best resonate with the introverts and extroverts on your team.

How to Add Recognition Into Your Onboarding Process

Recognition efforts increase the likelihood that a new employee becomes a long-term asset to your organization.

What's the Difference Between Employee Engagement and Employee Experience?

Learn more about how employee engagement and employee experience work together to positively affect your employees.

Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Now is the time to ensure our workplaces are inclusive and welcoming to all employees.

Add Value to Recognition Through Employee Learning

Incorporating learning opportunities into the employee experience can be a great way to boost engagement and retention.

What’s the True ROI of Your Organization’s Recognition Program?

Learn about four areas that allow you to quantify the ROI of your organization’s recognition programs.

How Points and Recognition Programs Promote Your Company Culture

Foster a positive environment throughout your organization with points and recognition options.

Three Ways to Bring Your Company-wide Wellness Initiatives Outdoors.

Encouraging your workforce to stay active in the great outdoors is a great way to reduce stress and boost productivity.

3 Ways Companies Can Get Ready for Generation Z

Attract the next generation of talent with well-being, growth opportunities, and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The Role of Diversity, Inclusion and Community in Organizations

Learn more about Inspirus’ and Sodexo’s commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Stress at Work: How Feel-good Management Improves Employee Wellness

While we can’t always avoid stressful situations, we can minimize the impact it has on our well-being.

Diversity: The Three Lessons You Can't Miss

Cultivate top talent with initiatives and benefits packages that are reflective and inclusive of a diverse workforce.

Make Your Tax Cash Bonus Last for Years

Investing in your organization’s employee engagement efforts can be a ROI that keeps on giving.

The 5 Pillars of Employee Behavior Change

A significant factor in the success of a well-being initiative is shifting employee behaviors.

Client Success: Value-based Solutions to Improve the Employee Experience

Build a strong employee recognition experience with the expert input from Inspirus Solutions Architects.

Rewards Done Right: Inspire Your Workforce While Helping Others

Sometimes the best reward is giving back. Learn more about Inspirus’ selection of socially-responsible gifts.

Measuring performance in multiple divisions of White Castle yields consistency

Learn more about how Inspirus’ program incorporated White Castle’s employee performance goals.

Incentive plan improves meeting rates and sales close ratio for telecommunications company

Learn more about how Inspirus’ reward program helped a telecom client achieve growth goals.

Southwest's centralized program management improves participation and accountability

Learn more about how Inspirus’ platform consolidated Southwest’s recognition and incentive programs into one space.

A national pawnshop's scalable platform provides visibility and improves performance

Learn more about how Inspirus’ platform integrated sales reports to motivate and unify the workforce at a national pawnshop chain.

Delta Airlines employee engagement activities support business strategy

Learn how Inspirus’ platform supported a multitude of recognition and rewards programs across Delta’s organization.

Six Ways to WOW Your Workforce!

Here are some ideas to help create memorable recognition moments that will delight your team.

Managing Recognition Programs for a Multigenerational Workforce

Develop an effective recognition program that engages employees of all ages.

Six Reasons Why Your “Of the Month” Program May Be Struggling

Learn more about how to make your program more effective by creating programs and events where employees feel truly celebrated.

Brand X-Cellent: Engaging Employees with Total Recognition Branding

Branding your recognition program helps create an emotional connection that is tied to your company’s culture.

The Real Story Behind Sodexo's Acquisition of Inspirus

Learn more about the real story behind the acquisition and how both organizations have benefited from the decision.

Q&A With Inspirus' Vice President of Client Success and Engagement Solutions, Theresa Harkins

Theresa Harkins discusses how organizations deploy recognition and employee benefits to drive a stronger culture.

Sodexo's 2017 Global Workplace Trends Report Offers Thought Leadership From Leading Voices

The workplace is in a state of change and a few trends are shaping how we will work going forward.

Mentoring: A Performance Boost for Companies and Employees

Learn more about how Sodexo has successfully incorporated mentorship opportunities into its organization.

Generations Aren't Dividing the Workforce — Stereotypes Are

Bring multi-generational teams together by finding the common ground that we all share.

How Can Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Become More Family-friendly?

Learn more about the ways businesses can help support employees who have caretaking responsibilities.

Diversity: A Competitive Edge for Business

A diverse and inclusive workplace better serves the needs of a global market and allows organizations to thrive.

Why Learning Matters for Employee Engagement

Discover how learning opportunities and engagement can work in tandem and lead to a more motivated workforce.

Busting Generational Myths at the Heart of Workplace Engagement

Learn more about the similarities each generation shares and how this engages workers of all ages.

Top 10 Best Practices for Recognizing Length of Service

Learn more about the best practices to help take your length of service recognition to the next level.

Finding Your Place on the Recognition Maturity Index™

Learn more about how to assess your recognition program’s current state and make your program more robust.

3 Things to Master for an Effective Enterprise Recognition Strategy

Learn how a framework can create a cohesive and successful approach to your organization.

Motivation You Can Measure

Find out how to measure the ROI of recognition in a way that will make your CFO take notice.