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As the landscape of work continues to evolve, staying ahead of the latest Human Resources (HR) trends and employee engagement strategies has never been more crucial. Each quarter, Inspirus uses the collective experience of its subject matter experts to breakdown what's trending in HR and employee engagement.

Download our quarterly trends reports to keep up-to-date with the ever--evolving HR landscape and ensure your workforce is set up for success.

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Q1 2024 Trends

This report highlights:
- Building People-Centric Strategies
- Improving the Employee Experience
- Solving for Workplace Skills Gaps
- Leveraging CPM in the Modern Workplace
- Employee engagement initiatives
- Data-Driven HR Decision Making

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Q4 2023 Trends

This report highlights:
- Making space for AI in HR Tech
- Leveraging benefits for recruiting talent
- Rebuilding employee trust
- Supporting employee wellness
- Connection in the hybrid workforce
- Upskilling employees for skills gaps

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Q3 2023 Trends

This report highlights:
- Focus retention efforts on high Performers
- Tapping into alternative talent pools
- Boosting business results with AI
- HR's role in driving business strategy
- Supporting mental health
- Diversity initiatives declining
- Encouraging microcultures

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Q2 2023 Trends

This report highlights:
- Embracing change & transformation
- A modern approach to total rewards
- Personalizing the employee experience
- Building culture with people first strategies
- Dealing with economic disruptions
- Developing leaders to drive success
- Stretching the HR dollar

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Q1 2023 Trends

This report highlights:
- Moving beyond traditional HR approaches
- Building a resilient organization Using employee feedback to shape strategy
- Tech investments with biggest impact
- Progressing disengaged workers
- Employee engagement initiatives
- Investing in talent for long-term success

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What You'll Discover

  • Emerging HR Trends: From remote work dynamics to advanced HR tech integration, learn about the trends shaping the modern workplace and HR practices.
  • Employee Engagement Innovations: Uncover the latest strategies in boosting employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty in a rapidly changing work environment.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Our report is backed by comprehensive data, providing you with reliable information to base your HR decisions on.

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