Inspirus is committed to lifting people up. We believe the places where people work should mirror the world in which we all want to live. A world that is inclusive. A world where diversity is celebrated. A world where every individual is valued, respected and feels a deep sense of belonging.


The heartbreaking events of the past weeks have illuminated how far we are from realizing that world. There is much work to do, and it will require each and every one of us to dismantle the institutional and systemic racism that plagues us.


Inspirus stands shoulder to shoulder with our employees, our clients and our communities to extinguish hatred, discrimination, violence and injustice against people of color. Together, we must listen, empathize, educate, and most of all, act to build communities that embrace diversity and inclusion.


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Your employees come to work each day and make a choice: Will I contribute? Do I have a clear purpose and am I adding value? Will I collaborate with my colleagues?

Employees are the foundation of workplace culture and they need a clear purpose to be at their best. Their everyday experiences are key to your organization’s ability to sustain its business and boost performance.

The Inspirus Employee Engagement Platform

The Inspirus Employee Engagement Platform is the first comprehensive and global employee engagement technology on the market. We cover the employee experience with a single cohesive solution.


Recognition is one of the most powerful drivers of employee engagement and an uplifting employee experience. From day-to-day appreciation to service anniversaries, Inspirus has an extensive array of options for recognition and rewards.

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Part of the human experience is growing and developing into something better than you were the day before. Inspirus offers micro-learning with an optional game-based approach that allows employees to learn how and when they want in a way that increases retention.

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Health and Well-being

Healthy employees are more engaged employees. We offer a solution that empowers choice and supports employees with one-on-one virtual coaching — based around personal well-being goals. Programs range from healthy eating, fitness for life and stress management to sleep and financial well-being. Make the healthy choice the easy choice and link engagement with wellness to reward healthy habits and drive sustained behavior change.

Well-being is a journey, not a destination.

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Global Rewards

Reward employees with our innovative Universal Rewards Mall™. It’s an intuitive shopping experience that can include anything from custom rewards, travel experiences, charitable donations, lifestyle products, a full assortment of gift cards and so much more.

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