Connects Celebrates

Show appreciation and celebrate service anniversaries through a company-wide culture of recognition.

Connects Celebrates gives you everything you need to acknowledge the people who power your business.

Recognize employees – or anyone else, from volunteers to vendors – for their contributions from a central platform. Create memorable experiences to celebrate service anniversaries, retirement, holidays and other special occasions that show just how much you value your employees.

Our team takes care of all the details for you, from developing a tailored strategy to optimizing current strategies based on data. The result? Less administrative work for you and an exceptional way to celebrate employees in as soon as three weeks.



Employees who are recognized are almost 6x more likely to stay at their jobs than those who aren’t.

14 percent

Recognition increases employee engagement, productivity and performance by 14%.

80 percent

80% of employees would work harder if they felt better appreciated.

Design, Develop and Deploy Employee Recognition

    Proven Recognition Strategy


    Proven Recognition Strategy

    Honor employees at important stages of their journey with you, tapping into best practices and insights from our decades of experience. Identifying important work anniversary milestones, highlighting the moments that matter and creating a company culture of recognition improves the overall employee experience.  

    Best-In-Class Award Experience


    Best-In-Class Award Experience

    Reinforce company values while nurturing a sense of community with company-branded messages that mark the moments that matter to awardees.  

    A hybrid of physical and digital elements provides multiple ways of delighting employees. With options including emailed certificates of celebration, web animations, framed certificates shipped to the recipient’s house, company-branded merchandise and a robust catalog of gifts, providing a best-in-class award experience is at your fingertips. 


    Gifts From Top Brands


    Gifts From Top Brands

    Our curated online catalog features an intuitive interface and simple ordering process, making it easy for employees to select a gift of their choice.

    With a wide-ranging selection that includes experiences, tickets to events, travel packages, charitable giving and more, there is something for everyone. Quality merchandise from names that your employees love is represented with brands like Coleman, Weber, YETI, Apple, Fitbit, Coach and many more. 

    celebrates experience

    A Celebrates Experience for Every Budget and Timeline

    Our Celebrates packages are tailored to your budget, timeline and goals to redefine what your employee engagement ecosystem can do for your business.

    From straightforward programs that can be implemented within weeks to more complex ecosystems that require customization, our results-driven approach will help you elevate your company culture and retain top talent. With curated reward levels and selections, meaningful awards make your employees feel appreciated and fuel their contributions to your business.

    Life is made up of the moments that matter. Make your employees’ moments count with Connects Celebrates, acknowledging employees and the value they bring to your workplace. 

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    Connects Celebrates

    Celebrate your people! Create memorable, lasting experiences for your employees’ career milestones with Inspirus Celebrates Employee Recognition Packages.

    Life is made up of the moments that matter.

    Make your employees’ moments count with Connects Celebrates, acknowledging employees and the value they bring to your workplace.