8 Recognition Opportunities You Don’t Want to Overlook

June 23, 2021

By Kelley Briggs
If you’re a leader of your organization, any time you can find a reason to recognize the contributions of your workforce is an opportunity for you to increase employee engagement and improve team culture, all while giving employees the credit that they deserve. Whether you’re handing out a monthly award, celebrating a milestone, or simply saying thank you, a little special recognition can go a long way.

But when exactly are those ideal moments for special recognition, and what’s the best way for you to take advantage of them? Here are eight employee engagement activities to recognize your workforce.

The 8 Best Recognition Opportunities 

Special recognition is a win-win for everybody involved, and you should never miss an opportunity to give it out to the dedicated members of your workforce. Below are eight moments where you should capitalize on the opportunity to recognize and reward your employees.


Why not take a moment of shared celebration and turn it into an opportunity to show your gratitude for your employees’ contributions? Whether it’s a small gift, a shortened workday, or an organization-wide party, holidays are the perfect moment to recognize your employee's great work.

And remember that there are certain holidays that much of your workforce does not celebrate yet remain deeply important to certain employees. Going the extra mile to recognize these specific holidays can send the message that each individual member of your workforce is essential to the organization and improves company culture.


Employee wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular within organizations of all kinds. They’re not only great for ensuring the well-being of your workforce, but they’re also an opportunity to enhance your employee recognition programs.

This reward system recognizes employees who exemplify the goals of your company's wellness program. It motivates employees to stay committed and healthy.


Much like your company wellness program, you can utilize recognition and rewards to help promote your organization’s safety program. Incentivizing your employees to get on board with company safety and making an example to the rest of the workforce ensures that you maintain a safe workplace and increase employee engagement.


There are countless opportunities for your organization to show its appreciation for high performing employees for doing a great job.

Whenever you see an employee whose contributions to achieving company goals stand above the rest, it’s a chance to add them to the wall of fame and let them know how appreciated they really are. That recognition can range from simple shout-outs to gift cards to paid time off. Whatever form it may come in, recognition makes employees feel grateful for being appreciated.  

Performance Incentives

There are several employee incentives that can double as special recognition. For example, if you’re offering performance incentives, you have an organizational points program, or a debit or gift card program, you’re not just incentivizing productivity and engagement. You also recognize employee achievement. Another measure that can be particularly effective is acknowledging top performers who received recognition in a company newsletter, on a bulletin board, or with regular announcements.

Thank You

Most people like to be thanked for their efforts, even if their actions earn them a paycheck. However, there’s a difference between monetary compensation and an outright acknowledgment of gratitude, and any opportunity you have to do the latter is a moment you should capitalize on.

Let your employees know how thankful you are for everything they bring to the company, either through words of encouragement and appreciation or with a gift, either material or experiential.


One of the best employee recognition opportunities is to set aside a moment for celebration. It can be on a particular day or following a remarkable achievement, but the reason for the celebration isn’t necessarily as important as the celebration itself. It can be a moment for everyone to let loose and connect on more than just a professional level. More importantly, it can be a moment to let your employees know that they’re appreciated and they deserve to celebrate once in a while.

Employee Longevity Milestones

An employee’s milestones with their company are something worth recognizing. They’re more than just a marker for the passing of time or the accruing of hours worked. Instead, they confirm the employee’s dedication to the organization. That’s why celebrating employee milestones is a great opportunity for special recognition. Any notable event in an employee’s life, big or small, personal or professional, is really an opportunity for special recognition, and you shouldn’t miss any of them.  

Options for Employee Recognition from Inspirus

Now that you know when those great moments for special recognition are, you’re probably wondering how best to take advantage of them.

While there are moments when all you need are some kind words to recognize employees properly, there are many other times when something more substantial may be the more practical choice. In those instances, consider these special recognition options from Inspirus.

Bulk Gift Cards

Eliminate the hassle of selecting a gift every time you’d like to show an employee your appreciation with a bulk gift card purchase. These simple rewards have universal appeal and offer the following benefits:

  • Any combination of denominations
  • Top retail and restaurant brands with curated bundles for easy selection
  • Quick turnaround (1-2 weeks)
  • Bulk shipped directly to you, so you can distribute
  • Easy process with little effort
  • Valued by employees and redeemable at their favorite places

Gift Card and Merchandise Programs

Streamline your employee recognition process with a gift card or merchandise program. They offer the following benefits:

  • Company-specific program set up
  • Customizable messaging and branding
  • Design options for card carriers create meaningful moments
  • The program setup and launch is within 2-3 weeks, depending on the choices
  • Program administration and support
  • Gift cards redeemable at your employees’ favorite places
  • Merchandise selections are brand names and hold value

Thinking ahead for employee recognition opportunities means that whenever an opportunity arises to recognize your employee's good work, you’re prepared. Reach out to Inspirus today for more information on these flexible recognition options.