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Why You Need a Service Anniversary Program

May 19, 2021

It’s safe to say that the leaders of most organizations would likely describe an ideal member of their team as someone who is dedicated, loyal, and has a wealth of experience in their field and with their company. An employee who has put 5, 10, 15 years or more into their job has not just committed themselves to the organization they’ve sacrificed a significant portion of their life for it. That’s worth recognizing!

But while this kind of employee recognition is often acknowledged as a key to building a strong company culture, there is evidence to suggest that many organizations are not practicing it.

A Harvard Business Review survey found that 82% of employees in America feel as if they don’t receive the recognition for their contributions that they deserve. That same survey also found that 40% of those polled would be inspired to give more effort to their work if they were recognized for their contributions frequently.

One way that organizations avoid winding up on the wrong end of a survey like this is to recognize employee contributions through a service anniversary program. Celebrating service anniversaries are a simple, yet effective way to let your employees know they are a valued part of the team. In turn, this can lead to better productivity, an even stronger sense of loyalty, and less turnover.

If you’re the leader of an organization and are looking for ways to strengthen company culture, improve retention rates, and attract top talent, read on to learn why a service anniversary program may be your answer.

The Power of Employee Service Awards

The acknowledgment of milestones is a tradition that extends far beyond the working world. Within a company, however, there are things that make a milestone a little different than a birthday or a wedding anniversary. While those sorts of milestones are celebrations of life and love, service anniversaries are intended to recognize hard work, commitment, and sacrifice.

Giving year after year of your time and energy to one organization can be rewarding, but it’s not always fun. Below are some of the benefits of letting your employees know that their contributions are appreciated.

Increase Employee Engagement

An engaged workforce is the key to a successful organization. When you acknowledge that an employee is an important part of the team through a service anniversary program, they feel as if they are part of the team. This can inspire them to become more engaged, more involved, and more productive.

Increase Employee Happiness

Happiness is the main goal, right? Recognizing service anniversaries is a simple way to bring some positivity to the workplace and to help your team members feel better about their environment. When members of your organization celebrate one another, you foster camaraderie and friendship, while increasing employee happiness, which will ultimately benefit the company as a whole.

Build a Strong Company Culture

Traditions are a integral part of any culture, and celebrating anniversaries is a tradition with deep roots. With employee service awards, shared celebration rituals can help you build the exact organizational culture you want.

You can do this with a bigger and more formal event, like an annual awards banquet, or with a smaller, more casual occurrence, like taking a moment for acknowledgement during the regular workday.

Reduce Turnover

Failing to recognize the contributions of your workforce can result in poor retention rates, especially with the younger generations. According to Forbes, 2 out of every 3 employees would quit their job if they felt unappreciated. That number is even higher with the millennial generation, with 3 out of every 4 saying that a lack of acknowledgment is grounds for seeking employment elsewhere.

The answer to this problem is simple: recognize your employees!

Attract Top Talent

If you’re looking to acquire the best talent, you need to offer more than a paycheck. Top prospects are going to look at things like employee engagement, company culture, and service anniversary programs when making career decisions. Employee service awards are a simple way to add to your company’s allure.

No, Paychecks are Not a Recognition Program

This line of thinking is all too common in the working world and it’s not going to cut it anymore. The paycheck that your team members earn is the bare minimum for their hard work and commitment to your organization.

If you want your employees to remain engaged and committed and for your company to thrive you’re going to have to offer more to your workforce than a simple paycheck.

Automated vs. Manual Service Recognition Programs

Technology now has the power to make the recognition of service anniversaries a lot easier and more effective. With an automated service anniversary program, you can streamline your employee recognition so that it’s simple to do, yet still personalized and meaningful for your employees.

An automated recognition program allows you to create custom-branded and personalized employee service awards, send out messages at a set date and time, and receive instant feedback that can help you to further fine-tune your employee recognition practices.

You may feel reluctant to move away from a more traditional method of recognizing service anniversaries, but automated service recognition programs offer everything a manual workflow can (and much more). 

Create an Effective Company Culture

Inspirus can help you to celebrate employee milestones and create a culture of recognition within your organization. Learn more!

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