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Inspirus Connects Plus

Engage employees with a powerful set of recognition capabilities and points-based reward shopping.

A thriving company culture drives job satisfaction, productivity and profitability while connecting the organization’s values and mission to specific employee behavior. Bring remote, in-person and hybrid teams together by tapping into the power of meaningful connection from one central, digital location.

Inspirus Connects Plus is a leading employee engagement platform that strengthens team culture and drives positive business outcomes through authentic moments of recognition. Celebrate accomplishments and acknowledge milestone moments with an intuitive points-based system that makes redeeming rewards for exciting merchandise easy. 

With Inspirus Connects Plus, success is supported and impacts are measurable. 

Easy For Users, Valuable For Organizations

Recognize Great Work

Send recognition for a job well done, or any other accomplishment, either publicly or privately. Animate your message with an eCard or GIF and add reward points that can be redeemed for generous gifts.

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Celebrate Moments That Matter

Never miss a key moment with personalized experiences that cover the complete employee journey including service anniversaries, birthdays and more. Plus, give employees the ability to select a gift with flexible reward points alongside your celebratory message.

Connects Plus_Service Anniversary_07.2023

Foster Peer-to-Peer Connection

Leverage opportunities for social connection with the company-wide activity feed where all team members can like and comment on posts and congratulatory messages. Employees can personalize their profiles, activity feeds and language settings for a customized experience that builds team culture. 

Connects Plus_FINAL Foster Connection_07.2023

Reward With a Flexible Points-Based System

Show appreciation, reinforce positive behaviors and create a valued award experience with a points-based appreciation program. Managers and program administrators choose how and when to offer rewards, while employees have the freedom to select gifts of their choice.

Connects Plus_Points_07.2023

Redeem Points for Gifts From Favorite Brands

Employees accumulate reward points which they can then redeem for a wide variety of gifts from brands they know and love through our global marketplace. From gift cards and merchandise to experiences and charitable giving, ensure employees can select from the latest and most popular reward options.

Connects Plus_Gift Shop_07.2023

Streamline Company Communication

Keep employees informed of company news and information in the Spotlight area. Personalize the experience with images, videos, attachments and more, creating a branded program that fosters an organization-wide sense of community, while reinforcing company values and mission.

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Measure and Encourage Feedback

Drive continuous improvement with robust analytics and real-time employee feedback. With dashboards showing employee engagement data, administrators and managers have information at their fingertips to optimize strategies and predict trends that will improve bottom lines.

Integrated survey tools, in partnership with The Happiness Index, provide insight into employee sentiment, allowing you to pivot as needed to boost morale and improve satisfaction.

  • Employee Voice: An integrated survey measuring happiness and engagement where employees are empowered to share feedback anonymously any time of day or night is included with every platform level.
  • Recognition Impact Index: A proprietary tool to assess your organization’s cultural health by benchmarking engagement and happiness indicators is accessible through the platform.
  • 15+ more pre-built surveys that help you better understand your employees and get actionable insights.

Grow With Dedicated Support

A committed Inspirus account team is on hand to guide you in establishing an effective employee engagement program. Our process-based methodology spans discovery, design, development and delivery of customizable programs that delight employees. Ongoing support ensures a quality experience for every employee.


Drive Business Impact With Innovative Tools

Inspirus Connects Plus gives you a powerful platform to improve employee wellbeing and happiness through connected communities and results-driven recognition programs.

Those unique and custom experiences, in turn, help create a motivating workplace that boosts overall business success.

Whether your teams are on-site or remote, you can ensure every employee feels connected and valued in a thriving company culture that helps you remain competitive.

Elevate your employees’ experience with Inspirus Connects Plus to provide valuable engagement and best-in-class recognition.

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