Success Story: American Type Culture Connection

Formalizing Recognition Program Strengthens Employee Engagement and Retention Rates


ATCC has been a leader in the scientific community for over 100 years. With a workforce of 620 hybrid (onsite and remote) employees, their turnover rate was higher than the industry average, resulting in budget-busting recruiting and training costs.


Our strategic recommendations included:

  • formalizing their ad-hoc recognition programs 
  • centralizing programs into one platform for ease of administration, adoption and usage 
  • using feedback tools to give employees a voice 
  • streamlining communication tools to connect employees to news and each other 
  • conducting quarterly Manager Roundtables to discuss strategy and vision, share top of mind concerns and more.

The Results

ATCC launched Connects on Employee Appreciation Day, March 4, 2022. 1/3 of employees registered on day one, and today, 83% of employees are registered and actively using the platform. Retention was increased by 10% in one year, reducing recruiting and training costs.

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