Success Story: White Castle

Measuring Performance in Multiple Divisions Drives Consistency


White Castle, generally credited as the first fast food chain in the United States, needed a reward and recognition program that measured team member performance from different divisions using various tools, and then incorporate that data into one tool. White Castle’s aim was to offer a vast selection of rewards through one centralized site that supported their various program needs.


R.O.C.K. (Royal Order of Crave Keepers) the Castle Games was a fun contest created to foster team culture and motivate team members to create memorable moments all year long. The program measured team member success in eleven categories and awarded points to team members based on performance in each category. The points could be redeemed from a vast selection of rewards, all from one managed platform.


The Results

In addition to 100% Quality scores, team members met all goals in Accuracy, Friendliness, Customer Satisfaction and Safety categories. Program participation increased 75%, building team culture and boosting consistent service and quality while recognizing employees' contributions. The bottom line: sales increased 89% in 90 days.

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