Success Story: Gas and Convenience Retail Stores

Offline Workers Included in Scalable Solution Raises Engagement


A multi-billion-dollar gasoline and convenience store retailer was experiencing high turnover in their retail stores and a truck driver shortage. With 500 separate operating locations and 3,500 diverse employees — many of them offline — their recognition programs were disparate. They needed to create a scalable solution that would help attract, retain, and recognize employees.


Inspirus designed a comprehensive global solution that includes a communication strategy with manager training and consistent messaging, an overhaul of service milestone programs to focus on retention, a long-term engagement strategy with recognition programs focusing on safety and wellness, on a scalable platform for manager and peer-to-peer recognition, rewards, and reports.


The Results

Using their specific internal language, their program spoke to their culture and aligned with their core values of We are United, People Focused, and Taking Pride. After rollout, employees surveyed averaged 5 out of 5 in positive program satisfaction. The program continues to grow with 3 new programs for spot recognition, instant reward cards and wellness.

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