Success Story: Insurance, Banking and Investment Service Provider

Program Structure Allows Flexibility to Respond to Change


This national provider of insurance, investing and banking services to U.S. military members has 36,000+ employees across multiple companies and 105 different recognition programs. When regulations in the financial industry changed and the Covid-19 pandemic forced workers remote, managers needed to find new ways to recognize employees, while remaining compliant.


Using their existing platform, adhering to their Playbook, and complying with industry regulations, Inspirus centralized all recognition programs onto one enterprise platform, and built new programs that incorporated the different goals and objectives of each different operating company. By consolidating onto this single platform, they are able to quickly pivot when needed and still provide employees with a seamless experience.


The Results

Their average number of recognitions per employee increased 51%, the highest growth since the program started. They built 59 new programs, increased points awarded by 149% over the previous year, and saw an 350% increase in nominations.

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