Success Story: Insurance, Banking and Investment Service Provider

Detailed Policy Documents Helped Define Recognition Strategy


This national organization provides insurance, investing and banking services to members of the U.S. military. The cornerstone of their recognition strategy is to inspire, motivate and recognize employees on day-to-day, informal and formal bases. With 36,000+ employees across multiple companies and 105 recognition programs in place, developing a cohesive strategy was critical.


Inspirus helped the organization create two key documents: an enterprise recognition guide, which outlined discretionary vs. non-discretionary activities and summarized compliance regulations; and a playbook, which gave admins a common structure and process for all programs. Using these comprehensive policy documents, we partnered to define an overall recognition strategy and structure for current initiatives, and a future roadmap.


The Results

Thanks to the structure provided by the detailed policy documents, employees received 86,694 day-to-day recognition moments, 190,129 informal recognition moments and 7,318 recognition nominations in 2020, across 19 formal nomination programs. It’s no secret why 89% of their employees say it’s a great place to work!

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