Success Story: Oil & Gas Industry

Increase in Connects Spotlight Frequency Reignites Energy and Recognition Activity on Platform


In 3Q 2022, an oil and gas logistics client wanted to relaunch its employee recognition program which had languished during the pandemic. Leaders wanted a robust program that would motivate and unite their 800+ workforce. They migrated from a traditional service anniversary program to a digital platform, Inspirus Connects Plus. But within a few months, key program champions left the company, and the program was faltering.


The Inspirus Customer Success team suggested they use Spotlights more frequently to keep interest levels and energy in the program high. Gallup research shows that regular communication with employees is a crucial factor in keeping them engaged and connected to their company. To validate the strategy, they ran a Spotlight in Connects on March 3rd, Employee Appreciation day, collected data for analysis and compared it with the previous month, with no Spotlight.


The Results

When Spotlights were published, recognition program activity increased 200%-375% during that month. This spike in program activity drove employees to interact more on the platform during that time, resulting in an increase of 2633% in likes and comments of all employee recognition.

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