Success Story: University Hospitals

Continuous Program Adjustment Supports Evolving Needs


University Hospital Health System (UH) is a national healthcare leader with 28,000 physicians and employees. With several acquisitions in recent years, different recognition programs had been added into the mix. UH saw the need to institute a holistic reevaluation process so they could continuously enhance programs and consistently meet the organizations diverse needs and goals.


Inspirus helped UH measure key metrics and use that data to devise a new strategy that centralized programs, unified messaging and simplified administration. An enterprise-wide campaign — My UH Appreciates — was launched to encourage program participation and platform usage. Inspirus and UH review the program monthly, semi-annually and formally, to maintain alignment with their strategy.


The Results

The re-launched program saw an increase in adoption and usage of the platform with 25% more desktop logins vs. the previous month, 246% more e-cards sent and 146% more mobile logins. To date, continuous reevaluation has added heat map reporting dashboards, video recognition and authority delegation functionality.

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