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Success Story: Telecommunications Provider

Incentive plan improves meeting rates and sales close ratio


The company was looking to maximize returns from its marketing campaigns and hit or exceed growth targets. To help achieve this objective, they were seeking to implement an incentive plan that would engage potential customers, and meet their goals:

  1. Achieve a 6-8% meeting rate
  2. Improve their current close rate
  3. Provide an efficient online redemption process
  4. Increase sales personnel excitement and engagement
new monthly recurring revenue


The company leadership, in partnership with Inspirus, developed a tiered reward program to help them achieve their desired goals. The company launched a new campaign that ran for eight weeks and targeted 2,283 business prospects in buildings that were already “wired” with their fiber optics.

The telecommunications firm’s Customer Acquisition Program encompassed an online awards solution that gave gifts to prospects for exhibiting identified key behaviors and actions:

  • Thank You for Meeting With Us – Sales prospects received an award code via an email worth $100 in reward points if they met with a sales representative.
  • Thank You for Your Business – Sales prospects received a $400 award code via an email for committing to do business with the company. After a contract was signed, the award codes were redeemable for an online gift.

The award codes could be redeemed separately ($100 and $400), combined and redeemed for a gift worth $500, including an Apple iPad, or redeemed for a charitable donation to the American Red Cross. The campaign was promoted with a direct-mail introduction, personalized follow-up emails and direct phone calls.

$3.65 Million
to top-line revenue


  • A 10 percent meeting rate
  • A 22 percent close rate, exceeding previous campaigns
  • Total new monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of $120,787
  • Total top-line revenue of $3.65 million
  • Requests from sales to repeat the campaign

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