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Employee recognition solutions that build team culture and increase employee engagement.

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Create a sense of belonging and purpose in your workplace with Inspirus Connects.


Employee Recognition & Service Anniversary

Recognize your employee achievements, life events, service anniversaries, retirement and efforts that make your organization thrive. Enhance the employee experience with unique programs that align with an organization’s culture and values.


Social Interaction & Recognition

Provide employees a place where they can express themselves, connect with others and create social connections through tags, hashtags, likes and comments. Share consistent and intentional communications that ensure every employee understands their value and impact on your organization.


Employee Rewards & Recognition

Create positive experiences that help your people connect with your organization and reward them for their achievements. Give employees an intuitive shopping experience with unique rewards that strengthen the employee experience.

Inspirus Celebrates

Honor employee service anniversaries and retirements by offering meaningful awards from our curated collection

Interested in service anniversary and retirement only? With Inspirus Celebrates, you get everything you need to easily implement personalized programs that are cost-effective in as little as three weeks.


Inspirus Connects

Build community and foster team culture to make the employee experience more meaningful and engaging

Inspirus Connects offers a central location where employees can connect, recognize and celebrate their colleagues and peers for service anniversaries and milestones, shop for rewards, and stay up to date on company communications, news, events and initiatives. It combines both physical and digital elements to provide a collaborative space where employees feel valued and connected to their organizations.

We’re Honored to Serve Great Clients

Our passion for exceptional customer service has made Inspirus a trusted partner of choice among a growing roster of esteemed organizations across the United States. As a leader in the recognition industry, nothing is more important to us than helping our clients connect with their employees in meaningful ways.


“We’re committed to providing opportunities to celebrate the big recognition moments, and meaningful, everyday recognition that make everyone feel appreciated.”

Theresa Harkins-Schulz

SVP of Customer Experience & Product

12 years of service

"It’s important that people feel a sense of purpose and belonging in the work they do each day."

Dale Thompson

Director of Infrastructure

6 years of service

“It’s important to provide multiple touchpoints throughout the entire employee journey.

Andy Davis

Director of UX and Innovation

27 years of service

“I’m honored to help clients create a comprehensive employee experience that engages their employees.”

Sean Powers

Sean Powers, Client Services Manager

11 years of service

Resources to Make
Employee Recognition Easy

Inspirus has been a groundbreaker in employee recognition for more than a century. Our thought leadership and innovation help guide great companies. We’re happy to share our industry intelligence and best practices. Check out our library of case studies, articles, white papers, e-books and infographics.

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