How to Boost Morale Through Recognition in Uncertain Times

4 Inspiring Ways To Boost Employee Morale

April 13, 2020

By Gene Park
In the modern workplace, times are tough and you may need to boost employee morale. There is constant change going on, for example pivoting a project’s focus to introducing new initiatives, to mitigating business risks caused by industry disruption.

As your organization navigates through changes, it’s a necessity to keep your team informed and to encourage a positive outlook. Now is the time to boost employee morale by expressing gratitude towards others, showing kindness to your colleagues, and truly recognizing your employees for the daily contributions they make.

Here are four new ways to use recognition to boost your team’s morale.

Remind employees that they are always valued

Whenever employees are faced with change, whether it’s a change in their role or within the organization, it’s important to let each employee know that the work they are doing matters. This will boost employee morale, reconnect them to a larger purpose, and help everyone stay motivated.

Individually recognize each employee on your team in a way that personally resonates with them. This can include a quick video chat to check in with them or a thank you message that includes details of how their contributions helped the team. Taking a moment to let your team know how much they are appreciated can make all the difference in how they experience and respond to changes in the workplace.

Stay in touch with your employees

As changes progress, keep your team as informed as possible. This includes forwarding any communications that directly impact them, providing any necessary updates during team meetings, and encouraging employees to stay informed through company communication channels.

Also, let employees know that you are available if they have any questions or concerns (or just need to talk).

Now is the time to express gratitude towards others, to show kindness to your colleagues and truly recognize your employees for the daily contributions they make.

Strengthen connections across your team

To unify team bonds during times of change, urge your team to be collaborative and to support one another through peer-to-peer recognition. This can include taking time during team meetings to acknowledge co-workers for helping out on a project, or for exemplifying company values. Employees can also connect with each other by sending a quick message or video of appreciation through the organization’s engagement platform.

Incorporate pick-me-ups

Another great way to boost employee morale is through small tokens of appreciation. For example, if your team went above and beyond to meet a deadline on a high-priority project, consider picking up gift cards for everyone.

Reassure and support your employees during times of uncertainty. Make sure you keep connected with them and make sure they know you are there for them if they have questions or concerns.

Additionally, small gestures of gratitude and kindness can go a long way and directly impact an employee’s attitude and overall experience when an organization is facing change. Make recognition a priority, as it can help boost employee morale, encourage employees to continue to collaborate and stay committed to supporting one another.

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