Create a Thriving Team Culture by Giving your Employees a Voice

September 7, 2022

Traditionally, organizations have determined what, when, and how employee feedback is given. Employee satisfaction surveys, scheduled town halls, even 1:1 employee meetings — all of these conversations are typically controlled by the employer, not employee-centric.

And sadly, and none of them are driven by employee motivation, nor create a psychologically safe environment where employees can voice their concerns or issues.

Here are some interesting stats on employee feedback:

  • 33% of companies do not regularly act on employee feedback (LinkedIn)
  • 33% of Gen Z said they want to hear timely, constructive performance feedback throughout the year (EY)
  • 66% of managers wish they had a better way to collect feedback from their team and peers (Betterworks)
  • 67% of managers admit they removed negative feedback from evaluations because so much time had gone by and the feedback was no longer relevant (Reflective)

By not listening to employees, especially on their terms, your organization could be missing out opportunities to improve your workplace culture, but retain your employees and improve their productivity.

Until now. Inspirus is now collaborating with The Happiness Index to collect and measure employee feedback, anonymously, in real time. By integrating the “always on” Employee Voice feedback tool directly within Connects — the employee engagement platform that employees are already using — organizations can seamlessly collect feedback, analyze the results and take the best course of action to address employee sentiment and adjust their people strategy.

The tool is simple to use. Employees are given the chance to answer one simple question - “On a scale of 1-10 how happy are you?” and then are asked to explain why, in a free-form text box. This allows organizations to see, in the moment, how their employees are thinking, feeling, and behaving, and allows their employees to provide feedback when they want, and about what they want. A win-win.

Equal opportunity to be heard

Employees who feel heard are 4.6X more likely to feel empowered to do their best work, and Forbes reports 74% of employees are more effective at their job (read: do great work) when they feel heard. Employee Voice provides every employee the opportunity to be heard. When employees feel heard, they feel appreciated that what they have to say is valued and matters, increasing their sense of belonging and happiness. And when employees are happy, they are highly motivated, high performing, more innovative — and most importantly, more than likely not searching for another job!

Anonymity provides safety

Employee Voice is not just about employee appreciation, it gives employees a safe and anonymous way to express their feelings. That anonymity shows employees that they can provide candid feedback, without holding back for fear of repercussions. This freedom often changes employee behavior for the better, increasing their confidence to share their feedback and opinions in workplace meetings.

Real-time and relevant

The Connects platform is available 24/7, so Employee Voice is “always on” — employees can share their feedback at any hour of the day, any day of the week. Rather than waiting for the next big employee survey, this tool gives you feedback “in the moment,” when it is most relevant. This will allow organizations to not only to address individual feedback (again, anonymously), but to adjust their people strategy on the fly, if needed.

Feedback drives change

The most important thing to do when you get feedback of any kind, is to share the results with your organization, being sure to report both the positive and the negative. A best practice is to paraphrase feedback (to keep anonymity) and group by theme. Not all feedback will be actionable, but all feedback should be valued. You want to make sure that employees do not feel this is a box-ticking exercise, or that leaving feedback is a waste of their time — but they feel their voice is heard, and their feelings matter.

Employee Voice creates motivation in the workplace that reinforces a culture of feedback. It demonstrates how serious your organization is about listening to your people and creating positive change that leads to a strong team culture. Additional employee feedback surveys using neuroscience methodology have been integrated into Connects, to fully explore employee’s thoughts and feelings by understanding the heart (happiness) and the brain (engagement). Schedule a demo today to learn more!