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Inspirus Senior Director of SRO Featured by PMI

March 8, 2024

Inspirus’ own Senior Director of the Strategic Realization Office, Sue Severns, was recently featured on the PMI Dallas website as a featured author.

Her article, Bottoms Up! Our PMO to SRO Journey is a detailed case study on Inspirus's transition from a Project Management Office (PMO) to a Strategic Realization Office (SRO) over three years. Initially tasked with implementing a PMO in an agile environment, Sue found the traditional top-down approach unsuitable. Instead, a bottom-up PMO was launched, focusing on empowering employees and aligning projects with strategic goals. 

This evolved into a Process Center to further streamline processes and then into a Strategic Realization Office (SRO), aiming to oversee and coordinate the execution of strategic initiatives. The journey emphasizes the importance of flexibility, employee empowerment, and strategic alignment in project management. 

In the article, Sue shares insights on the benefits of each phase, including improved project performance, increased collaboration, and enhanced decision-making, ultimately concluding that this transformation positively impacted Inspirus's ability to achieve its strategic objectives. The three phases and outcomes of were:

PMO Implementation Phase

  • Increased project alignment with strategic goals.
  • Improved resource allocation and efficiency.
  • Enhanced transparency and accountability in project execution.

Process Center Development Phase

  • Streamlined processes and reduced redundancies.
  • Fostered a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Elevated the quality and consistency of project outcomes.

Transition to Strategic Realization Office (SRO)

  • Strengthened strategic oversight and integration.
  • Boosted organizational agility and responsiveness to change.
  • Facilitated a holistic view of project portfolio impact on strategic objectives.

This journey highlights the significance of adopting a flexible, bottom-up approach in evolving project management practices to better meet strategic needs. Empowering employees and focusing on strategic alignment emerged as key factors in enhancing organizational effectiveness and achieving strategic goals.

To read the full article, click here.

About Sue Severns

Sue Severns, PMP since 2003, is a certified Master Scheduler. Sue is the Senior Director of the Strategic Realization Office at Inspirus. Sue is a resolute and proven leader who combines a strong work ethic with creativity, exceptional critical thinking skills, and over 30 years of experience to deliver value to the customer. Sue has a technical background including experience at Hewlett Packard, Perot Systems, Dell Services (acquired by NTT DATA), and Unisys. Sue motivates agile teams to deliver exceptional quality while keeping stakeholders engaged and informed. Sue is responsible at Inspirus for driving standards, executing projects, and achieving organizational excellence in Inspirus’ strategic initiative delivery. She can be contacted at