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Using Rewards and Recognition to Reduce Burnout and Anxiety

May 18, 2022
Anxious Female Worker

Considering the record turnover that has happened over the past year, holding on to valuable employees has become paramount. Employers need to put forth a sincere effort to keep their team members from departing, and that includes maintaining a delicate balance between keeping them happy and productive, and satisfying the needs and goals of the business. Did you know that happy employees stay in their job four times longer than unhappy employees, have 65% more energy and are 12% more productive?

So how do you keep them happy and having a positive employee experience? Staving off burnout, anxiety and fatigue before they even happen. And you can start by focusing on employee satisfaction using a rewards and recognition program. Here are five ways business leaders and human resources can do more: 

Circled Numbers_1 Consider a "working agreement" between you and your employees

A "working agreement" is not a formal contract, but a promise to work together and keep mindful of what both employees and employers need from one another. In it you could cover HR basics, but you could also personalize it in a few areas:

  • detail the employee’s specific career path options, including their interests in other areas of your organization, to keep them engaged, happy and growing with you
  • show your commitment to diversity and inclusion by listing the employee resource groups (ERGs) available, encouraging participation, and rewarding and recognizing positive behaviors that build community and a foster a sense of belonging
  • outline the employee rewards and recognition that will come with achieving every milestone in their employee journey (one year service anniversary, two year, three year, etc.) to set expectations and alleviate anxiety

Circled Numbers_2Connect recognition and rewards to work-life values

Making the connection between recognition and values brings purpose full circle, alleviating stress and nipping burnout in the bud. An example: “Great job nailing that budget project by Friday morning! Now take the rest of the day off to relax and enjoy your weekend! “ But be sure to understand what is important to your employees — what motivates one employee may not for another; and what one employee values may be different than another.

Circled Numbers_3Give your employees the time they need for career development and self-improvement

Divide your workforce in halves or quarters and encourage sections of employees to block their calendars for two hours on their designated Friday for career development and self-improvement. This could be LinkedIn Learning, webinars, industry association courses and more. Your company’s employee engagement platform can point employees to available courses, like the Spotlight area in Inspirus® Connects does. Then, reward and recognize their accomplishments to keep them motivated and energized!

Circled Numbers_4Encourage employees to live their best lives — both at work and at home

Community service is one example of how employees can live their best lives. But, volunteering for that often must happen during working hours. Allow your employees to follow their individual passions and give them time off (within reason) to volunteer in their local community. Further, organized community service projects bring employees together in a shared purpose, strengthening your company culture. Recognize employees’ efforts on social media and on your company’s recognition platform or intranet.

Circled Numbers_5Personalize employee experiences at every opportunity

Personalization shows your employee that you care enough to take the time to understand them and their preferences. When employees experience a lack of personalization, they feel ‘I don’t matter, I don’t belong,’ which leads to burnout and turnover. Many organizations send welcome packages to new employees — especially remote workers — that includes company branded merchandise and small, yet meaningful gifts. As a best practice, we recommend personalizing all recognition moments, including service anniversaries!

At the end of the day, it’s all about treating employees as human beings. Show them they are valued and matter — both as individuals, and as part of the team that makes your organization successful. These five ways can get you on your way!

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