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“It’s essential that the technology I create with my team is user friendly, flexible and fun.
Our platform is centered around employees and their needs.

A Single, Comprehensive Engagement Platform

Creating a Great Employee Experience and Meeting Business Needs

Employees are the focal point of a company — the foundation of culture — so Inspirus created a platform that specifically hones in on attributes and dimensions that will attract and engage employees such as hiring practices, recognition programs, the physical environment, learning and development programs, safety and health and well-being initiatives.

In the past, those initiatives were spread across many different platforms and technologies, some more effective than others. Inspirus brings nine fundamental components together in a cohesive way — combining once disparate tools and practices into a comprehensive solution. Here’s an overview of each fundamental component of the platform:

Everyday Recognition

Recognition is one of the most powerful drivers of engagement, and that’s why we combine many different types of recognition into our platform, so employees can formally or informally recognize day-to-day efforts.

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Global Rewards

Global rewards offers employees an intuitive shopping experience with customized awards and charitable gifts that are unique to every organization, while keeping local languages at top of mind and honoring different cultures.

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Knowledge and Development

Employees learn where and when they want with our solution which combines micro-learning with a game-based approach to retention.

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Give employees an experience that’s personal. Employees who feel valued enjoy coming to work, invest in building meaningful relationships, connect to the company’s mission and internalize the company’s objectives.

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Health and Well-being

Healthier employees are shown to increase work performance and be more engaged. We offer a health and well-being solution that pairs technology and services to deliver a people-first approach.

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Staying Safe

Safety is an important part of the employee experience, and teaching safe behaviors and readiness is critical to ensure a better workplace. We help encourage a safer workplace and lower injury rates by fostering desired behaviors through recognition and micro-learning, which makes learning fun and memorable.

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Milestones and Service Anniversaries

A milestone or service anniversary is a special time to reflect on an employee’s achievements. We create a unique, personal experience with custom recognition and awards.

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Social Interaction

Encouraging employees to connect and enabling them to support company activities that extend beyond the workplace.


Get new hires up to speed quickly on all of the areas that can positively impact their experience with the organization.

Reporting and Analytics

Collect all the pieces of data needed to make decisions at the pace of your business with Inspirus Insights.

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Services that Make the Experience Work

No matter what technology you choose to meet your engagement challenges, you need a true and caring partner that’s willing to help you with strategy, implementation and ongoing support. We offer support across six different areas.

Client Services

We support our clients’ employees by answering their questions about products and shipping, and troubleshooting other issues. We also help them with order fulfillment questions or any other service components of your programs.

Client Success

Inspirus provides clients with a consultative approach through our Client Success team, which is made up of experienced Subject Matter Practitioners™ (SMPs). Not only are our SMPs experts in the field, but they understand the real-life challenges and business issues that our clients face.


The best technology doesn’t work if your employees aren’t aware of the benefits or are unmotivated to take action. Communication is one of the key drivers of program success, which ties back to employee performance and business results. We are committed to helping our clients create and implement communication plans.


Crafting emblematic and commemorative awards is part of our heritage and legacy. We’ve kept up with changes in manufacturing and our industry over the years and continue to use new methods and materials to create memorable experiences for employees. Our awards remain meaningful and important to our clients. We continue to craft and deliver these commemorative pieces from our headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible way.

Surveys and Assessments

Collect information and get a pulse for your organization with surveys.

Using questions developed by us or your own internal team, you can understand what matters to your employees — and what doesn’t. It’s easy to implement and simple to roll out, unlike paper-based traditional employee surveys.

Inspirus Insights and Advanced Analytics

Analytics help your organization recognize what is and isn’t working to ensure that you’re investing the right resources for your programs and your people to be successful while maximizing results.

Inspirus Insights, our workforce analytics solution, collects information from your employee engagement platform and programs to provide you the information and evidence you need to make decisions at the pace of your business.

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