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Motivate and inspire employees with recognition, incentives, and safety programs that drive results


Motivate. Reward. Inspire.

Inspirus can have your program up and running in a matter of weeks. Because our solution is a simple, cost-efficient platform, our turnaround time runs laps around other bloated offerings with inflated implementation fees.

Get started today and see results in a matter of weeks!



Motivate and inspire employees using friendly competition to increase sales performance



Reward and retain valuable employees by recognizing their accomplishments



Reinforce company safety protocol by rewarding good behavior and discouraging unsafe practices.

Reward & Recognition Handbook

The Guide for Leaders and Managers

This free resource is designed to help leaders like you motivate, inspire, and retain your best performers. 

Research shows that 82% of employees feel they don’t receive the recognition they deserve and 40% would give more effort to their work if they were recognized for their contributions frequently.

employee recognition
Shannon Walker

“Every employee can find something that appeals to them and makes them feel acknowledged in a meaningful way.

Shannon Walker

Merchandising Manager

21 years of service at Inspirus

Eliminate the pain points that derail recognition. Get started with Inspirus Celebrates.

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