5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Employee Recognition Platform

July 14, 2021

By Kelley Briggs
Recognizing employee contributions and accomplishments won’t only boost the morale of your whole workforce, but it can also help create a more positive and productive work environment that will lift your entire organization. However, in the ever-evolving and increasingly sophisticated business landscape we inhabit today, finding the best way to give your workforce its due can be tricky without the help of an employee recognition platform.

An employee recognition platform can help you acknowledge employee accomplishments in a streamlined fashion. It can also provide you with the data you need to improve employee engagement. And with the ability to personalize your messages and awards, your employee recognition can remain just as meaningful and impactful as ever.

There are many more valuable benefits to using an employee recognition platform, too. If you’re considering implementing one within your organization, or you’ve recently started using one, take a look at these five ways to get the most out of your employee recognition platform.

Better Employee Engagement Reporting

Without a definitive way to quantify it, the concept of employee engagement can be somewhat ambiguous and difficult to identify. Sure, you can create focus groups, hand out surveys, look at your retention rates, and conduct exit interviews. Those activities will give you a general idea of what makes your employees happy and what causes them to seek employment elsewhere. But what an employee is willing to tell you on a survey or in an interview can be quite different from their actual thoughts and feelings.

One of the best ways to avoid misleading information when measuring employee engagement is by collecting and analyzing hard data. That’s easier than ever with the help of an employee recognition platform. Instead of asking employees about their level of satisfaction and engagement with the organization, you can measure their activity and offer a place for anonymous feedback that will provide you with a less biased view of employee engagement.  

Easy Integration with Company Employee Recognition Program
With all the information available about just how beneficial employee recognition can be, it’s safe to assume your organization has already developed a way to acknowledge the accomplishments of your employees. It may seem daunting, then, to have to scrap everything in favor of a brand-new employee recognition platform. Well, the truth is you don’t really have to do that.

Integrating your company’s employee recognition program into an employee recognition platform is an easy process, which in turn makes assimilating to your new and improved means of giving employees their due a whole lot easier for your organization. Whether your previous employee recognition program included monthly awards, regular shout-outs, or milestone celebrations, you will be able to take those same ideas right to your employee recognition platform and even enhance them.

Enables Tracking ROI

Ensuring that your organization’s investments are net positive is an essential element of any company, including employee recognition programs. Suppose you’re investing time, money, and effort into acknowledging employee accomplishments. In that case, you need to know that it’s doing what it’s intended to, which is to improve the employee experience, strengthen company culture, and have a positive impact on your bottom line.

The issue is that it can be difficult to accurately measure your employee recognition program’s ROI, much like employee engagement. That’s because it’s not all about easily quantifiable things like money. You need to measure the impact your employee recognition program has had on employee engagement and satisfaction. With an employee recognition platform, it’s far easier to gain insight into these things and identify opportunities for action.

Using reporting and analytics, you can turn otherwise difficult-to-quantify aspects of employee recognition into valuable hard data that can help you maximize your ROI.

Centralized Communication Tool

Giving your workforce the credit it deserves should not be a task that’s limited strictly to leadership. It’s just as crucial that peers and co-workers recognize each other. But without a centralized means of communication, peer-to-peer recognition isn’t easy to achieve, meaning organizations have had to rely on their workforce to acknowledge coworkers in the past.

With an employee recognition platform, your entire workforce is connected through their smartphones, giving them ample opportunity to give their coworkers a shout-out when the organization has recognized them for their achievements. In today’s social media-centric world, this means of communication will come naturally to much of your workforce, making it easier than ever to ensure that your employees get the peer-to-peer recognition that they deserve.

Giving your workforce a social platform can also increase employee engagement in ways that go beyond recognition. For example, it can foster connections and strengthen company culture by bringing your whole team together conveniently and efficiently.

Multiple Language Support

Fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace is at the top of the priority list for many organizations today, but that objective comes with some obstacles. Your employee recognition platform is supposed to strengthen communication in the workplace, not hinder it.

Perhaps some members of your workforce are multilingual, and they prefer their phone apps to be in a language other than English. Fortunately, your platform can include multiple language support to create the best possible experience for every one of your employees, regardless of whether English is their first language or not.

Recognition programs build a positive team culture, inspire employees, and reduce turnover. By encouraging usage and optimizing their functionality, you'll get the maximum benefit of elevated employee engagement.