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Revolutionizing Workplace Communication With Employee Rewards Programs

January 25, 2024

Communication makes the world go around and that’s especially true in work environments. Employees need to understand what’s expected of them, how what they do helps drive organizational results and goal attainment, what they’re doing well, how they can improve, and how to work effectively with colleagues to get things done.

But effective communication can be challenging, especially in large and geographically dispersed organizations. We’ve probably all played the old “telephone” game where a line of children whisper a message to each other, one to one, until the final person delivers the message. To everyone’s surprise and delight, that message is invariably a far cry from how it was originally stated.

That same thing can, and does, happen in organizations, but the outcomes are far from delightful. Employee communication software can be used to facilitate efficient communication, saving time, and improving outcomes. These tools can be particularly helpful for employee rewards programs. 

The Power of Employee Rewards Programs

Employee rewards programs play a significant role in boosting employee motivation and engagement. That should come as no surprise. After all, don’t we all appreciate getting feedback about how we’re doing and being recognized for our contributions? 

Unfortunately, that type of recognition doesn’t always happen frequently and consistently within organizations. Leveraging technology to provide both automation and insights can help companies reap the rewards of recognition through enhanced retention and loyalty, and a positive work culture. Employees who feel valued, appreciated, and recognized for their efforts are more likely to stay with their organizations for the long term.

Rewards can come in many forms—from monetary bonuses to non-monetary incentives like recognition awards, time off, or a simple but heartfelt “thank you for everything you do!”

An important component of any rewards program is communication. 

Workplace Communication Benefits

Effective communication in the workplace improves collaboration and teamwork. We work better when we feel we’re part of a welcoming and supportive team that understands us and shares common goals and objectives.

Enhanced productivity and efficiency in day-to-day operations is important for organizations of all types and sizes. Being productive and efficient drives down costs and improves quality and levels of service. Employees, of course, play an important role here. But they can’t contribute effectively without strong organizational communication. 

The value of workplace communication can be especially important in remote work environments and with distributed teams. There’s really no need for “out of sight” to mean “out of mind.” Workplace communication between both remote and on-site employees can support company culture while creating team cohesion—wherever employees may be located.

Communication is, as we know, complicated. But technology can be used to streamline information sharing and access to resources. 

Best Practices for Implementing Workplace Communication 

All companies communicate, but they don’t all communicate well. Following some key best practices can help organizations boost the effectiveness of their workplace communications. Here are some strategies for improving organizational communication. 

  • Practice clear and transparent communication. Communication doesn’t really occur if the message isn’t understood, or is misunderstood. It’s important to ensure that communication within the workplace is clear, transparent, and easily accessible.
  • Use diverse communication channels. Some employees prefer to hear a message, others to read it, others to see it multiple times. Implement a variety of communication channels to cater to different preferences and needs of employees and to ensure that your messages make their mark.
  • Promote active listening and engagement. It’s possible to listen without actually hearing. In fact, that happens far too often. Encouraging active listening and engagement among all team members can help build understanding and engagement.

Rewards programs can also play an important role in enhancing the value of communication in the workplace.

The Role of Rewards Programs in Communication Enhancement

Rewards programs can significantly enhance workplace communication among teams—driving desired results including boosted productivity, engagement, and retention. Rewards have a trickle down effect, impacting not only the recipient but others who learn about the rewards, share in the excitement, and decide that they, too, would like to be recognized. As communication spreads across teams employees come together to deliver greater outcomes, benefitting the organization as well.

Well communicated rewards impact both individual efforts and organizational transparency. 

Strategies for Effective Communication Through Rewards Programs

It’s important for employees to understand the rewards or incentives that are available to them, and how they can earn those rewards. Using various communication channels and methods can help ensure widespread awareness and understanding.

In addition, it’s important to tailor messages to resonate with diverse employee demographics that may include personal traits (like age, sex, length of time with the organization, etc.), as well as organizational traits (like department or division, role in the organization, whether remote or on-site, etc.).

Storytelling can also enhance the perceived value of incentives, making the incentives—and those who receive them—seem more “real” and relatable. 

Impact of Communication on the Perception of Rewards

Communication can also impact the perception of rewards. Clear and well-articulated communication influences employee perceptions, builds understanding, and can help to make information more sharable. It’s important to leverage your communication channels and messages to generate enthusiasm and engagement.

Employee rewards programs, communicated effectively, can have transformative impacts in the workplace. Wherever employees are located, whatever they do, when they know how their work contributes to organizational success—and that they will be rewarded for that work—they’ll work harder and stay with the organization longer. 

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