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Employee Rewards Done Right

Employee Rewards Done Right
Diamond H launches its Rewards Done Right Boutique of Socially Responsible Products

FORT WORTH, Texas (September 21, 2009) — Diamond H, a leading provider of enterprise employee recognition solutions and service award programs, has launched a new boutique of socially responsible products that are available on its Inspirus Dimensions platform. These new product offerings support 'giving back' by partnering with vendors who produce socially responsible products. These include non-profits in underdeveloped countries and communities that support fair wages, equal opportunity employment, education, as well as companies with environmentally responsible products that are made from recycled goods or eco-friendly components.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer this new boutique of products," stated Diamond H President Michael Cobb, on the launch of Rewards Done Right. "We recognize that even in tough times people want to find ways to give back to those in need. These new products will allow employees to turn their personal recognition moment into an opportunity to help others," stated Cobb. Clients on the Inspirus Dimensions service award platform can opt to add the Rewards Done Right boutique of socially responsible products to their programs. This in turn allows their employees to select a socially responsible gift from their company's service award program.


About Inspirus Dimensions

Dimensions is a completely integrated service award platform that provides a rich, branded, and completely personalized recognition experience for employees celebrating their service anniversary.