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Inspirus Adds New Application-based Learning Platform

New Platform Blends Learning, Recognition, Well-being, Safety, and a Company’s Community 

FORT WORTH, Texas — (Oct. 1, 2015) Inspirus, an HR technology company focused on employee engagement, announces the addition of a casual learning platform that integrates with its employee recognition and engagement offering.

The new mobile-centric learning platform is designed to create enthusiastic learners and more-productive organizations by making it easier to retain new knowledge and essential skills. A recent Inspirus market survey shows that 78 percent of organizations want to significantly update their programs and practices to improve employee engagement, with learning playing a critical role.

“We know that it takes more than just rewards and recognition to drive employee engagement, which is why we are thrilled to add an innovative learning component to our platform,” said Pete Chambers, Inspirus chairman and chief executive officer. “Our goal is to blend learning, recognition, wellness, safety, and a company’s community functions to unlock meaningful and measurable engagement.”

Inspirus recently acquired Wavicle, a New York-based company at the forefront of learning technology, which curates a new generation of content delivered in short, often game-based bursts on mobile devices. The new capabilities from the acquisition position Inspirus to expand its employee engagement technology and program reach.

The addition of a learning component is just the beginning of Inspirus’ vision for a comprehensive engagement platform of the future. 

“For engagement to be an effective business tool, we need solutions that simplify and consolidate the technology that drives these initiatives, so they can be measured and affect business outcomes,” said Scott Shibley, Inspirus executive vice president of sales and marketing.

Most organizations have a siloed approach to engagement, with rewards and recognition, learning, wellness, and other initiatives spread across disparate technology solutions and in different areas of the business. The lack of consolidation leaves companies with few ways to comprehensively address employee engagement. A more holistic view increases the engagement of individual employees by involving them in the initiatives that interest them the most.

Inspirus envisions even greater opportunity to consolidate employee engagement touch points. To drive greater engagement, Inspirus recommends:

  • Bringing programs that enable engagement under a single technology platform
  • Enabling organizational leaders to have meaningful analytics and continuous measurement
  • Giving employees easy access — including mobile and single sign-on.

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