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Inspirus Expands First Fully-Integrated Well-being Solution

Fort Worth, Texas (October 10, 2017) Enhancing the Sodexo commitment to actualizing Quality of Life services worldwide, Inspirus, a leader in the employee engagement and recognition industry for over a century is thrilled to announce the launch of Inspirus Well-being. Centered on employee choice and long-term behavior change, Inspirus Well-being is the first fully-integrated solution to offer 32 unique habit pathway programs that leverage the power of learning, recognition, events and contextual rewards – tying the employee experience together and supporting well-being goals.

Inspirus Well-being provides employers a comprehensive coaching-based solution that improves employee well-being, engagement and productivity. Those attending the HR Technology® Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas this week, October 10-13, will have the opportunity to experience Inspirus Well-being first-hand by visiting booth 2159.

Inspirus has partnered with LifeDojo, a pioneer in employee-designed, evidence-based well-being programs, to offer its innovative approach and extensive services as the cornerstone of its health and well-being component within the company’s growing engagement platform. Both LifeDojo and Inspirus recognize the correlation between engagement, well-being and productivity and the mission-driven companies have a synonymous vision for the partnership – to create an engaging solution that improves workplace culture and inspires lasting positive change.

“Inspirus Well-being fulfills the vision of effective, employee-led well-being programs we at LifeDojo have always had,” said Chris Cutter, CEO of LifeDojo. “To offer a single program where an employee can choose a habit, choose a personal coach, and then, through earning rewards, literally ship running shoes or a yoga mat directly to their home to help them reach their goal is profound. Combine that with employees being able to create their own well-being groups both online and in-real-life via the Inspirus platform, and you have an incredibly powerful experience that results in both companywide adoption and long-term behavior change all in one place.”

Inspirus Well-being covers the full spectrum of fitness, healthy eating, stress management, mental resilience and more, to allow employees to focus on habits important to them. Different from a one-size-fits-all approach, this solution meets employees at work, at home and in their communities – allowing them to participate in competitive challenges and have access to over 7,000 pieces of personalized content. Inspirus Well-being links engagement with recognition by rewarding employees for hitting milestones throughout the program. Employees can receive recognition and use their points for well-being related rewards in a way that further supports their goals, or they can even donate to a charity of their choice.

“People are unique. That’s why Inspirus is taking an uncommon approach to well-being by tailoring a program specific to each individual based on their motivations, preferences and challenges,” said Mia MendsCEO of Inspirus and Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, USA. "Engaging today’s workforce is about access to more relevant content, customization and a user-experience design approach. More importantly, engagement is about bringing communities together. LifeDojo is a people-focused company dedicated to helping others create a lasting change, and it is the perfect partner to help us deliver Inspirus Well-being for our clients.” 

Today’s announcement marks the launch of a solution almost two years in the making. Inspirus’ partnership with LifeDojo has been in place since 2016 when Sodexo invested in LifeDojo as part of its global commitment to innovation. That investment has been the catalyst for a strong partnership that delivers on the promise of sustained engagement and results by bringing the employee experience front and center. By combining the strength of the Inspirus Employee Engagement Platform, the LifeDojo approach and expertise as well as Sodexo’s healthy food offers and nutritional services, Inspirus has delivered an unprecedented solution that goes beyond anything in the market today.

Inspirus believes organizations that focus on culture and well-being deliver on the promise of employee fulfillment and organizational success. Employees make up the foundation of culture, which is why Inspirus continues to evolve their set of high-value software and solutions to influence the employee experience through six Quality of Life dimensions: recognition, health and well-being, personal growth, physical environment, social interaction, and ease and efficiency. Inspirus Well-being adds to the organization’s comprehensive employee engagement platform to further help clients create meaningful experiences throughout the entire employee journey.

About LifeDojo Inc.
LifeDojo is a human-centered platform that makes transformative life changes possible for employees everywhere. Supported by decades of public health research, the LifeDojo approach to employee-driven behavior change delivers lasting health improvement outcomes, high enrollment, and better engagement than traditional top-down wellness programs. Empowering employees leads to success: 45% of employees create new health habits that stick for 6+ months. LifeDojo is trusted by the world’s most successful companies in over 16 countries to inspire a genuine culture of wellbeing. Clients include Fortune 500 companies and high-tech high-growth companies around the world. To learn more, visit lifedojo.com.

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