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Inspirus Named as a Top Recognition Provider by HRO Today Magazine

Inspirus Named as a Top Recognition Provider by HRO Today Magazine

FORT WORTH, Texas – (November 2, 2012) For the fifth consecutive year, Inspirus—a leading provider of workforce recognition solutions—has been named as a top recognition provider by HRO Today Magazine’s Baker’s Dozen Survey.

“This is an absolute thrill and honor and we are so fortunate to have great clients that made this award a reality,” said Inspirus chairman and chief executive officer, Pete Chambers. “To be recognized at the top of this formidable list for the fifth year in a row only reinforces and strengthens our passion in continuing to innovate and invest in workforce recognition.”

The HRO Today Magazine Baker’s Dozen Survey is a compilation of anonymous customer feedback. Verified respondents answer questions around breadth of workforce recognition solutions, size of deal and quality of support services. HRO Today aggregates this data and assigns each question a weight, with special emphasis given to questions pertaining to the quality of customer service. These weights determine the final rankings, which are then published by HRO Today Magazine.

Inspirus supports recognition of over 1 million employees within 350 different client organizations. “Successful organizations recognize that the attitude and initiative of their people is the key to success,” said Chambers. “We are proud to bring award-winning and top-ranked products and solutions that give companies the chance to reinforce performance and show employee appreciation across their entire workforce.”