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Inspirus Named Top 10 Employee Engagement Service Provider

Fort Worth, Texas — (February 23, 2021) Inspirus LLC, a Sodexo Group company and leader in elevating employee experiences and optimizing organizational culture through people-focused solutions, announced it has been named as one of the top 10 Employee Engagement Service Providers of 2021 by HR Tech Outlook. The annual award recognizes the top 10 companies that harness the power of innovative technologies to tackle today’s workspace challenges.

Inspirus’ approach to employee engagement begins with the employee experience using technology solutions that bridge the digital and physical worlds. Recognition is one important part of engagement and enhances the employee experience, but it’s part of a larger ecosystem that works in collaboration with different activities, milestones and events that increase employee satisfaction and performance.

“We’re extremely honored that HRTech Outlook has included us in the top 10 providers within the U.S.,” says Vineet Rao, Senior Vice President of Technology and Product, and CIO at Inspirus, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, USA. “Employee engagement technology is now a must have and a necessary component of any organization’s strategy for success. Our technology enables rewards and recognition programs by bringing experiences into the hands of employees and employers. This keeps employees engaged over the long term, improving productivity and boosting retention in a simple and easy to use way.”

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