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Inspirus Selected as #1 Employee Recognition Provider (Again)

Inspirus Selected as #1 Employee Recognition Provider (Again)
Ranked #1 in Overall Customer Satisfaction by HRO Today Magazine’s Baker’s Dozen

FORT WORTH, Texas, October 6, 2011 – Inspirus, a leading provider of enterprise workforce recognition solutions, has been named as the Top Provider in Overall Employee Recognition for the second consecutive year. Inspirus is the only company to be ranked first overall in the Customer Satisfaction category for two years in a row.

The annual Baker’s Dozen Survey is compiled of anonymous customer feedback. Respondents, who are verified as customers, answer questions around depth and breadth of products and service, scope of workforce recognition solutions and quality and satisfaction of support services. HRO Today aggregates this data and assigns each question a weight, with special emphasis given to questions pertaining to the quality of customer service. These weights determine the final rankings, which are solely based on customer responses.

“Being ranked number one in overall customer satisfaction by the customers we serve is not just important – it is the most important business metric we track. It reflects the voice of our customer, whom we serve day in and day out. We are not faultless – however, we do strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. We are always striving to be better tomorrow than we are today. This resonates with the customers we serve, and it is an essential element in our value proposition,” stated Inspirus President, Michael Cobb.

The Inspirus suite of products includes Workforce Recognition and Service Award platforms and Performance Solutions services. Inspirus Workforce Recognition provides enterprise recognition tools and support to integrate and administer all of an organization’s recognition programs such as peer to peer nominations, on-the-spot, safety, wellness, best-of-the best, onboarding and no-cost recognition cards, as well as centralized administration and budgeting. This centralized approach of all programs on one platform optimizes talent, maximizes efficiency and effectiveness, and significantly reduces administrative costs. Inspirus Service Awards offer a successful beginning-to-end personalized service award system for any workforce by delivering special recognition moments that are personal, effective and memorable. Inspirus Performance Solutions offer a disciplined approach to effectively help organizations design and deliver recognition solutions that are grounded in their business strategy by providing support in four general categories: strategy, communications, training and analytics.

“Effective Workforce Recognition which recognizes the behaviors and contributions of employees not only supports the mission and values of the organization – it inspires a sense of purpose and motivates employees to invest discretionary effort. This can be an incredibly powerful strategic tool for any organization, but only if it is executed well. At Inspirus, we are committed to flawless execution on behalf of our customers and believe our best overall HRO ranking for the second year running confirms our passion and commitment to serve,” stated Inspirus Chairman and CEO, Pete Chambers.

Inspirus recently launched the following tools in support of their expanding recognition solutions portfolio: Inspirus Recognition Assistant – a tool that enables employees to personally recognize each other on their service anniversary at no cost to the company; a global voucher award solution offered in-country/in-language, an updated and expanded Universal Rewards Mall™ with more than 1 million items and a collection of new thought leadership material including webinars, white papers and articles.